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  1. Blood Group Antigen Gene Mutation Database

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: blood, gene, genetic, allele, allelic, alteration, antigen, blood group, human, mutation, genetic variation, non-human animal, orthologous gene, ortho...

    Supporting Agency: Albert Einstein College of Medicine; New York; USA, David Opochinsky/Blumenfeld Family Fund, NIH,

  2. Human Mortality Database

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: age, birth, country, demography, health, public health, longevity, longitudinal, international, census data, vital statistics, mortality, population, ...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  3. UniProt

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service, data repository

    Keyword: annotation, chromosome, protein, proteome, hamap, taxonomy, model organism, function, classification, protein-protein interaction, interaction, nuclei...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, European Union, GEN2PHEN, MICROME, Swiss Federal Government, SERI, NSF, British heart foundation

  4. GeneNetwork

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: gene, genetic correlation, genome, abi panther, genome browser, genomic region, genotype, gnf expression atlas, mouse, network, phenotype, relational ...

    Supporting Agency: UT Center for Integrative and Translational Genomics, NIAAA, NIDA, NIMH, NCI, NCRR

  5. EcoGene

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: life sciences, genomics, proteomics, gene, gene expression, genetics, protein, protein binding, protein-protein interaction, membrane, rna, dna, struc...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, Lucille P. Markey Foundation

  6. dbGaP at NCBI

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: clinical, clinical trial, human, medicine, genotype, interaction, homology, cell, morphology, genotype-environment interaction, phenotype, molecular d...

    Supporting Agency: NLM

  7. SuperTarget

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: drug metabolism, drug, cytochrome p450, ontology, pathway, target, compound, cytochrome, drug target, protein, side effect, protein-protein interactio...

    Supporting Agency: BMBF, DFG, RTG ??????Computational Systems Biology??????, IRTG ??????Systems Biology of Molecular Networks??????, European Union, SynSys, NIH

  8. GeneSpeed- A Database of Unigene Domain Organization

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service

    Keyword: molecular neuroanatomy resource, drosophila melanogaster, genome, caenorhabditis elegans, c. elegans, genomics, homo sapiens, mus musculus, protein do...

    Supporting Agency: American Diabetes Association, NIH, Beta Cell Biology Consortium

  9. Patterns of Gene Expression in Drosophila Embryogenesis

    Resource Type: image collection, database, source code

    Keyword: embryo, embryogenesis, gene, anatomy, microarray, pattern, protocol, rna, gene expression, expression pattern, embryonic drosophila, in situ hybridiza...

    Supporting Agency: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, NIH

  10. HIV Molecular Immunology Database

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: cytotoxic t cell, cytotoxic t lymphocyte, helper t-cell, antibody, binding site, epitope, t cell epitope, human immunodeficiency virus, immunology, mo...

    Supporting Agency: NIAID

  11. ArrayExpress

    Resource Type: database, data repository, catalog

    Keyword: genomics, experiment, gene, gene expression, microarray, array, bio-measurement, atlas, assay, epigenetics, molecular neuroanatomy resource, functiona...

    Supporting Agency: European Molecular Biology Laboratory; Heidelberg; Germany, European Union, SLING, Gen2Phen, NHGRI, NIBIB, NCI

  12. IMGT/HLA

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: alignment, allele, cell, hla, sequence alignment, major histocompatibility complex, nomenclature, blast, immunogenetics, histocompatibility, gene mapp...

    Supporting Agency: European Union, BIOMED1, BIOTEuropean UnionH2, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, NIH, National Marrow Donor Program, Anthony Nolan, HistoGenetics,

  13. ADNI - Alzheimers Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

    Resource Type: consortium, database, biomaterial supply resource

    Keyword: image collection, clinical, demographic, clinical assessment, cognitive assessment, neuroimaging, mri, pet, fmri, dti, laboratory result, genetic, ill...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, NIA, NIBIB

  14. Brain Pharmacological Database

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: anatomy, brain mapping, cellular, molecular, cognitive, connections, data management, data storage, development, ion channel, model, motor cortex, neu...

    Supporting Agency: NIH,

  15. Unified Data Resource for Cryo Electron Microscopy

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: model, cryomicroscopy, single particle reconstruction, electron tomography, protein, protein complex, web service, nuclear magnetic resonance, crystal...

    Supporting Agency: NIGMS, BBSRC,

  16. SEER Datasets and Software

    Resource Type: data set, software resource, data analysis software

    Keyword: cancer, statistics, epidemiology, analysis

    Supporting Agency: NCI

  17. Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas

    Resource Type: database, data repository, reagent supplier, knowledge environment resource

    Keyword: nuclear receptor, coregulator, metabolism, metabolic disorder, type 2 diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, lipid dysregulation, cardiovascular disease, on...

    Supporting Agency: NIDDK, NHLBI, NIEHS, NICHD

  18. Psychoactive Drug Screening Program Ki Database

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: gpcr, ki, 5-ht transporter, 5-ht2a, dopamine d2, dopamine d1, 5-ht1a, m1, dopamine transporter, opiate mu, histamine h1, adrenergic alpha1, 5-ht7, m2,...

    Supporting Agency: NIMH, Heffter Research Institute

  19. Seattle Longitudinal Study

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: late adult human, blood pressure, cognition, cohort study, exercise, female, leisure activity, likelihood function, linear model, male, memory, middle...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  20. Cell Centered Database

    Resource Type: database, data repository, image repository

    Keyword: electron microscope, light microscopy, electron tomography, electron microscopy, image, cell, microscopy, tomography

    Supporting Agency: NCRR, The Human Brain Project., NSF, NIDA, NIMH, NIBIB

Displaying 20 of 537 results for " "