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  1. OKCAM: Ontology-based Knowledgebase for Cell Adhesion Molecules

    Resource Type: knowledgebase, database

    Keyword: cell adhesion molecule, gene, cell adhesion, molecule, cadherin, immunoglobulin, fibronectiniii, integrin, neurexin, neuroligin, catenin, chromosome

    Supporting Agency: China Scholarship Council, China National High-tech 863 Programs, 973 Programs, NIDA

  2. MUSC DNA Microarray Database

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: gene expression, dna microarray

    Supporting Agency: NCI, NHLBI, University Research Resource Foundation

  3. i2b2 Research Data Warehouse

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: biomedical, computing, clinical data, platform, clinical, translational research, data sharing, framework, data analysis service, service resource, ag...

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  4. PDB

    Resource Type: database, web service, data repository

    Keyword: 3-dimensional, annotation, molecule, nucleic acid, protein, visualization, sequence, function, macromolecule, ligand, model, dna, x-ray crystallograph...

    Supporting Agency: NSF, NIGMS, DOE, NLM, NCI, NINDS, NIDDK

  5. International Data Base

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: demographics, economic, social, population, health, nutrition, mortality, fertility, family planning, contraceptive use, literacy, housing, agricultur...

    Supporting Agency: NIA, others

  6. Alliance for Cellular Signaling Molecule Pages Database

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: cell signaling pathway, molecule, protein, signal transduction

    Supporting Agency: Genentech Inc, NIGMS

  7. ApiDB PlasmoDB

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service, web service

    Keyword: (null)

    Supporting Agency: NIAID

  8. Epidemiology of Chronic Disease in the Oldest Old

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: late adult human, kaiser permanente, male, female, chronic disease, elderly, longevity, epidemiology, ambulatory care, cause of death, death, disease,...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  9. Diabetic Complications Consortium

    Resource Type: funding resource, database, experimental protocol, tissue bank, consortium

    Keyword: diabetes, antibody, animal model, assay, experiment, histology, protocol, strain, phenotype, metabolic, cardiovascular, image, data set, community bui...

    Supporting Agency: NIDDK, JDRF

  10. Globin Gene Server

    Resource Type: database, training material, data analysis service, source code

    Keyword: dna sequence, hemoglobin, mutation, globin gene cluster, sequence comparison, functional genomics, gene, alignment, genetic analysis, variant, gene ex...

    Supporting Agency: NLM

  11. Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network

    Resource Type: research forum portal, clinical trial, data set, bibliography, slide

    Keyword: eye, retina, clinical, clinical trial, epidemiology, outcome, ophthalmic, ophthalmology, experimental protocol

    Supporting Agency: NEI, NIDDK

  12. PhenoGen Informatics

    Resource Type: data repository, data analysis service, data set, source code

    Keyword: genome, transcription, microarray, gene, quantitative trait loci, analysis, complex trait, genotype, phenotype, high-throughput, rna-seq, snp, genomic...

    Supporting Agency: NIAAA, Banbury Fund

  13. NIA Mouse cDNA Project Home Page

    Resource Type: project portal, database, biomaterial supply resource, data set

    Keyword: embryonic, expression, fetal, gene, cdna, cell, clone set, human disease, microarray, mouse, mouse model, newborn, stem cell, tissue, clone

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  14. Brain Gene Expression Map

    Resource Type: expression atlas, database

    Keyword: embryonic, expression pattern, gene expression, gene, adult, brain, brain development, in situ hybridization, mouse, nervous tissue, postnatal, molecu...

    Supporting Agency: American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, NINDS, NIDA, GENSAT - Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas, NIMH

  15. ReCount - A multi-experiment resource of analysis-ready RNA-seq gene count datasets

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: rna-seq, gene count, gene, phenotype, r

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  16. Longhorn Array Database

    Resource Type: database, data analysis software, data storage software

    Keyword: microarray

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  17. BeetleBase

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service

    Keyword: red flour beetle, tribolium castaneum, sequence data, gene, mutant, genetic marker, expressed sequence tag, genome, blast, model organism, insect, dev...

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  18. BioModels Database

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: mathematical model, model, modeling, computational model, simulation, kinetic model, annotation, web service, data analysis service, systems biology, ...

    Supporting Agency: European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Computational Systems Neurobiology group, BBSRC, NIGMS, DARPA,

  19. Pathway Commons

    Resource Type: database, web service

    Keyword: biological pathway, pathway, molecule, biopax, standard exchange format

    Supporting Agency: NHGRI, NIGMS, Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid

  20. Glomerular Activity Response Archive

    Resource Type: database, image collection, data analysis service

    Keyword: rat, olfactory bulb, odorant stimuli, odorant, odor, glomerular

    Supporting Agency: Human Brain Project, NIMH, NIDCD

Displaying 20 of 537 results for " "