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  1. Mouse Biomedical Informatics Research Network

    Resource Type: data set, reference atlas, atlas

    Keyword: electron microscopy, expression, functional, gene, 3-dimentional, brain, cellular, disorder, genomic, genotype, mouse, neurodegenerative disease, phen...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, Collaborative Tools Support Network Award

  2. Stem Cell Discovery Engine

    Resource Type: service resource, database, data repository, analysis service resource, source code

    Keyword: stem cell, analysis, cancer stem cell, galaxy, gene, pathway, molecular signature, tissue

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  3. National Database for Autism Research

    Resource Type: database, data repository

    Keyword: afni brik, ascii, bshort, bfloat, connectome file format, cifti, clinical neuroinformatics, cor, dicom, imaging genomics, inc, minc2, nifti, os indepe...

    Supporting Agency: NIMH, NINDS, NIEHS, NICHD, Center for Information Technology

  4. HapMap 3 and ENCODE 3

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: human, gene, genotype, sequence, single nucleotide polymorphism, dna, software

    Supporting Agency: Wellcome Trust, NHGRI, NIDCD

  5. Biological Biochemical Image Database

    Resource Type: database, image collection, image repository

    Keyword: eukaryota, gene, gene family, biochemical, biological role, cdna, cdna array, cellular relationship, genomics, macromolecule, protein, proteomics, ima...

    Supporting Agency: NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research


    Resource Type: topical portal, assessment test provider, data set

    Keyword: adult, child, assessment, clinical, anger, pain, fatigue, physical function, depression, anxiety, social function, patient reported outcome, health, m...

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  7. HMP Data Analysis and Coordination Center

    Resource Type: database, experimental protocol, software resource

    Keyword: reference genome, metagenomic, sequence data, 16s, mwgs, rrna

    Supporting Agency: NIH,

  8. Michigan Molecular Interactions

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service, web service

    Keyword: gene, interaction, molecule, protein, protein interaction, protein-protein interaction

    Supporting Agency: Michigan Center for Biological Information, National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics, Pfizer, Medical and Academic Partnerships, Howard ...

  9. SkateBase

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service

    Keyword: little skate, leucoraja erinacea, sequence, genome, mitochondrion, thorny skate, ocellate spot skate

    Supporting Agency: NSF, NCRR, INBRE Program, EPSCoR Program,

  10. International Knockout Mouse Consortium

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: gene, knock out mouse, chromosome, allele, c57bl/6, embryonic stem cell, vector, mutant, es cell, genome, targeting, gene list

    Supporting Agency: European Union, NIH

  11. Limited Access Datasets From NIMH Clinical Trials

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: clinical trial, mental health, child,

    Supporting Agency: NIMH

  12. CGAP GO Browser

    Resource Type: data set, service resource

    Keyword: gene, biological process, cellular component, molecular function, browser, ontology, ontology or annotation browser

    Supporting Agency: NCI

  13. BiGG Database

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: biochemical, genetics, genomics, genome, metabolic network, reconstruction, model, metabolic pathway, gene, protein, reaction, metabolite, metabolic r...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award - NIH Bioinformatics Training, University of California at San Diego; California; USA, Calit2...

  14. National Brain Databank

    Resource Type: database, data set

    Keyword: gene, cellular, molecular, cortex, sequence data, molecular neuroanatomy resource, gene expression, microarray, brain tissue, post-mortem, neurologica...

    Supporting Agency: NIMH, NINDS

  15. UM-BBD

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service, data set

    Keyword: enzyme, biocatalysis, biodegredation, chemical, pathway, reaction, microorganism, image, chemical compound, gene, enzymology

    Supporting Agency: NSF, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, DOE, Lhasa Limited, University of Minnesota; Minnesota; USA, European Union, FP6, ALARM project, NIH,

  16. MOPED - Model Organism Protein Expression Database

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service

    Keyword: protein expression, gene expression, model organism, gene, protein, pathway, proteomics, transcriptomics, data visualization, overlap plot, heatmap, d...

    Supporting Agency: NSF, NIGMS, NIDDK, Robert B McMillen Foundation,

  17. NMR Restraints Grid

    Resource Type: database, image collection

    Keyword: nmr, biomolecule, structure, magnetic resonance, database of converted restraint, filtered restraints database, fred, mri, protein, nucleic acid,

    Supporting Agency: European Union, FP6 'ExtendNMR', NLM

  18. WorfDB

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: genome, gene prediction, open reading frame, transcriptome, proteome, clone, protein-encoding

    Supporting Agency: NHGRI, NIGMS, NCI, MGRI

  19. Indonesia Family Life Survey

    Resource Type: data set, biomaterial supply resource

    Keyword: interview, income, education, adult, child, contraceptive, survey, consumption, asset, individual, household, anthropometry, blood pressure, lung capa...

    Supporting Agency: NIA, NICHD, USAID, Ford Foundation, World Health Organization, World Bank, others

  20. Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo

    Resource Type: image collection, data set, reference atlas, mri d image, video resource

    Keyword: embryonic human, magnetic resonance imaging, development, carnegie stage, photo, animation, magnetic resonance microscopy,

    Supporting Agency: NICHD

Displaying 20 of 537 results for " "