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  1. HumanCyc: Encyclopedia of Homo sapiens Genes and Metabolism

    Resource Type: database, data analysis service, software resource

    Keyword: enzyme, function, functional, gene, genome, genomic, human, human genome, metabolic, metabolism, mitochondrion, nucleotide, pathway, position, reactio...

    Supporting Agency: NIH, pharmaceutical company

  2. Bovine Genome Project

    Resource Type: data set, data analysis service

    Keyword: bovine, cattle, cow, genome, genotype, reagent, sequencing, blast, genome assembly, contig, linearized chromosome, single nucleotide polymorphism, bac...

    Supporting Agency: NHGRI, USDA Agricultural Research Service, USDA Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service, State of Texas, Genome Canada, Genome Brit...

  3. Public Expression Profiling Resource

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: microarray, expression profiling, affymetrix, metadata standard, gene, time series, data sharing, visualization, data mining, platform, blood, cell, c...

    Supporting Agency: NINDS, United States Department of Defense, NHGRI, NHLBI

  4. Language Map Experiment Management System

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: fmri, 3d models, anatomy, cortex, data managementas of 2006/11 data from 110 patients in repository., imaging, mri, segmentation, volume

    Supporting Agency: NIMH, NIDCD, NIA

  5. National Cell Repository for Alzheimers Disease

    Resource Type: tissue bank, biomaterial supply resource, biospecimen repository, data repository

    Keyword: gene, genetic research, alzheimer's disease, clinical, control, dementia, dna, late onset alzheimer's disease, memory loss, normal, phenotypic data, r...

    Supporting Agency: NIA, NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research

  6. NINDS/UCLA Repository for Parkinson's Disease Mouse Models

    Resource Type: organism supplier, database, biospecimen repository

    Keyword: fbv x 129/sv, fvb/n, 129s4 mix, 129s6/svev, -/-a53t/pac tg alpha, alpha synuclein knockout, bl6, dj-1 knockout, mt human alpha synuclein (a53t), parki...

    Supporting Agency: NINDS

  7. Primate Info Net

    Resource Type: topical portal, database, bibliography, blog

    Keyword: primatology, conservation, network, database, literature, information, organization, field study, population,

    Supporting Agency: NCRR

  8. Gene3D

    Resource Type: web service, database, data repository

    Keyword: protein domain, protein, protein superfamily, hidden markov model, structural domain, genome, sequence, domain assignments, protein structure

    Supporting Agency: Wellcome Trust, European Union, FP6, ENFIN, NIH

  9. Metalloprotein Site Database

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: software, web service

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  10. Functional Annotation of the Mammalian Genome

    Resource Type: database, software resource

    Keyword: (null)

    Supporting Agency: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, SA National Bioinformatics Network, Claude Leon...

  11. Gemma

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: adult, brain, chip, disease, human, microarray, mouse, normal, rat, web service, functional genomics, gene expression, coexpression, differential expr...

    Supporting Agency: NIH

  12. Mouse Gene Expression at the BC Cancer Agency

    Resource Type: topical portal, database, atlas

    Keyword: gene, gene expression, abnormal development, development, heart, liver, mouse, organ system, pancreas, protein, tissue, tumor

    Supporting Agency: Genome Canada, BC Cancer Agency, BC Cancer Foundation, NCI

  13. Dictyostelium discoideum genome database

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: element, gene, basic research knowledge base, cell, chromosomal, chromosome, cloning, developmental, dictyostelium, differentiation, discoideum, disru...

    Supporting Agency: European Union, NIH, DFG

  14. Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: longitudinal, late adult human, employee, employer, household, employment, survey, census

    Supporting Agency: NIA, others

  15. NIA Scientific Resources

    Resource Type: organization portal, organism supplier, biomaterial supply resource, database, book

    Keyword: macaca mulatta, rodent, epidemiological, fibroblast, genetics, alzheimer's disease, animal, array, behavioral, caenorhabditis elegans, cdna, cell, col...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  16. Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States

    Resource Type: disease-related portal, database

    Keyword: human, brain, tumor, cancer, central nervous system, epidemiology, incidence, survival, diagnosis, treatment, benign, malignant, registry, epidemiolog...

    Supporting Agency: American Brain Tumor Association, National Brain Tumor Society, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, NCI

  17. Charleston Heart Study

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: male, female, caucasian, african american, adult, general health, smoking, functional disability, physical disability, cardiovascular health, sexual d...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  18. Cross-National Equivalent Files

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: attitude, economic behavior, employment, family, health status, household expenditure, household income, housing, income, late adult human, poverty, c...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

  19. Kannisto-Thatcher Database on Old Age Mortality

    Resource Type: database

    Keyword: mortality, death, population, late adult human, international

    Supporting Agency: Danish Research Councils, NIA

  20. Longitudinal Study of Generations

    Resource Type: data set

    Keyword: adult, california, survey, intergenerational relations, adolescent, middle adult human, early adult human, late adult human, interview, questionnaire,...

    Supporting Agency: NIA

Displaying 20 of 537 results for " "