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  1. Incidence and Timing of PAC Contributions to Incumbent U.S. House Members, 1993-1994 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR01311.v1

    Description: We study how donor and recipient characteristics affect the incidence and timing of PAC contributions to incumbent members of the U.S. House of Repres...

    Creators: Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M. Radcliffe, Peter M. Bartels, Brandon L.

  2. On the Size and Growth of Government ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR01324.v1

    Description: The size of the United States federal government, as well as state and local governments, increased dramatically during the 20th century. This paper...

    Creators: Garrett, Thomas A Rhine, Russell M.

  3. British Parliamentary Divisions on Repeal of the Corn Laws, Including Party Affiliation of Members of Parliament and Constituency Characteristics, 183... ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR06424.v1

    Description: These data were gathered to explain the timing of the repeal of the Corn Laws by developing and testing a model that links the economic composition of...

    Creators: Schonhardt-Bailey, Cheryl

  4. Repression and Dissent: Substitution, Context, and Timing ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR01139.v1

    Description: This study reports the results of statistical tests of three explanations of dissident responses to government repression. Mark Lichbach's theory th...

    Creators: Moore, Will H.

  5. ABC News Iraq/Impeachment Poll, December 1998 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02712.v1

    Description: This special topic poll, fielded December 16, 1998, sought respondents' views on the upcoming United States House of Representatives vote on whether t...

    Creators: ABC News

  6. CBS News Monthly Poll #4, December 1998 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02675.v2

    Description: This poll, fielded December 18, 1998, is part of a continuing series of monthly surveys that solicit public opinion on the presidency and on a range o...

    Creators: CBS News

  7. CBS News Monthly Poll #2, December 1998 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02673.v2

    Description: This poll, fielded December 16, 1998, is part of a continuing series of monthly surveys that solicit public opinion on the presidency and on a range o...

    Creators: CBS News

  8. Discrete Monetary Policy Changes and Changing Inflation Targets in Estimated DSGE Models ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR01320.v1

    Description: Many estimated macroeconomic models assume interest rate smoothing in the monetary policy equation. In practice, monetary policymakers adjust a target...

    Creators: Belaygorod, Anatoliy Dueker, Michael J

  9. ABC News/Washington Post National Traffic Poll, January 2005 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR04315.v1

    Description: This special topic poll, conducted January 26-31, 2005, was undertaken to assess public opinion about traffic. After first being asked their opinion...

    Creators: ABC News The Washington Post

  10. Effectiveness of Client Specific Planning as an Alternative Sentence, 1981-1982: Washington, DC, and Fairfax, Montgomery, and Prince George Counties ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR08943.v1

    Description: This data collection was designed to evaluate the Client Specific Planning (CSP) program of the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (...

    Creators: Clements, William H.

  11. Strategic Timing of Position-Taking in Congress: A Study of the North American Free Trade Agreement ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR01126.v1

    Description: A critical element of political decision-making is the timing of various choices political actors make. Often when a decision is made is as critical...

    Creators: Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M. Arnold, Laura W. Zorn, Christopher J.W.

  12. Was Y2K Behind the Business Investment Boom and Bust? ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR01277.v1

    Description: During the latter part of the 1990s, United States economic growth was boosted by sizable increases in business purchases of information processing ...

    Creators: Kliesen, Kevin L.

  13. Forensic Evidence and Criminal Justice Outcomes in Sexual Assault Cases in Massachusetts, 2008-2012 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR35205.v1


    These data are part of NACJD's Fast Track Release and are distributed as they were received from the data depositor. The files have been zipped by ...

    Creators: Cross, Theodore

  14. Evaluating the Impact of Alternative Placement Programs for Juveniles in a Southwestern State, 1983-1995: [United States] ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02991.v1

    Description: This study addressed the question of whether alternative correctional programs were more effective than traditional training schools in reducing rec...

    Creators: Fendrich, Michael

  15. Multi-User Database on the Attributes of United States District Court Judges, 1801-2000 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR04553.v1

    Description: This project was undertaken to compile a definitive database on the personal, social, economic, career, and political attributes of judges who served ...

    Creators: Zuk, Gary Barrow, Deborah J. Gryski, Gerard S.

  16. CBS News/New York Times Monthly Poll #3, December 1998 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02674.v2

    Description: This poll, fielded December 13-17, 1998, is part of a continuing series of monthly surveys that solicit public opinion on the presidency and on a rang...

    Creators: CBS News The New York Times

  17. Three-Wave Political Socialization Panel Survey of Children in the San Francisco East Bay Area, 1968-1969 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR02341.v1

    Description: ch exact question wordings were replicated. Parts 7-8 (Waves 1-3, Closed-Form and Open-Form Data, respectively) contain the responses of individuals who participated in all three waves of the survey. A range of background variables were measured, including age, sex, race, intelligence-ability, religion, father's occupation, education, and social interests....

    Creators: Rosenau, Pauline Vaillancourt

  18. Police Response Time Analysis, 1975 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR07760.v1

    Description: This is a study of the relationship between the amount of time taken by police to respond to calls for service and the outcomes of criminal and nonc...

    Creators: Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department

  19. Low-Fertility Cohorts Study, 1978: A Survey of White, Ever-Married Women Belonging to the 1901-1910 United States Birth Cohorts ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR04698.v1

    Description: This study is comprised of personal interviews of white, ever-married women born between July 1, 1900, and June 30, 1910. In 1978, a national survey o...

    Creators: Ridley, Jeanne C.

  20. Eurobarometer 59.0: Lifelong Learning, Health, and Partners and Fertility, January-February 2003 ICPSR

    ID: doi:10.3886/ICPSR03766.v1

    Description: This round of Eurobarometer surveys queried respondents on standard Eurobarometer measures as well as lifelong learning, health, and partners and fert...

    Creators: Christensen, Thomas

Displaying 20 of 51 results for "lnc-ANAPC1-7"