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  1. Gene expression data from mouse postnatal brain development GEMMA

    ID: 1916

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: In development, timing is of the utmost importance, and the timing of various developmental processes are often changed during evolution. We measured ...

  2. Irinotecan-induced gene expression changes in the rat intestine GEMMA

    ID: 1224

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: The regional specificity and timing of gene activation following chemotherapy, and how this relates to subsequent mucositis development is currently u...

  3. Gene expression changes during human postnatal brain development GEMMA

    ID: 1902

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: Reprocessed from CEL files using RMA on the human samples only. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc.cgi?acc=GSE11512 Original description from...

  4. Gene expression study in 1 and 2 cell cloned mice embryos GEMMA

    ID: 2707

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: Cloned embryos produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) display a plethora of phenotypic characteristics that make them different from fertili...

  5. Expression data from ovarian cancer cells with time-course and concentration-profiles GEMMA

    ID: 589

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: Time-course and concentration-effect experiments with multiple time points and drug concentrations provide far more valuable information than experime...

  6. Identifying targets of MeCP2 during neuronal maturational differentiation GEMMA

    ID: 264

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: Rett syndrome (RTT) is an X-linked dominant neurodevelopmental disorder caused by mutations in MECP2, encoding methyl-CpG binding protein 2. MeCP2 is ...

  7. The effects of estrogen and testosterone on gene expression in the rat mesenteric arteries GEMMA

    ID: 1830

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: Goal of the experiment: To examine the effects of estrogen and testosterone on gene expression in the rat mesenteric arteries. Brief description of ...

  8. Prediction of acute multiple sclerosis relapses by transcription levels of peripheral blood cells GEMMA

    ID: 1415

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: Background: The ability to predict the spatial frequency of relapses in multiple sclerosis (MS) would enable treating physicians to decide when to int...

  9. Sip1 regulates sequential fate decisions through feedback signalling from postmitotic neurons to progenitor cells. GEMMA

    ID: 1716

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: In the developing cerebral cortex different types of neurons and glial cells are born through a precisely controlled sequence of events. The fate of c...

Displaying 9 of 9 results for "lnc-ANAPC1-7"