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  1. Camera trap survey (April-July 2011) of jaguars in Belize. Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-17-2015

    Description: The data are from a camera trap survey of jaguars in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize (UTM 0348113, 1854515 WGS84). The survey used nineteen paire...

  2. Interrogating translating RNAs and cell-type specific gene expression using Cre-activated translating ribosome affinity purification ArrayExpress

    ID: E-GEOD-45152

    Description: We characterize a Cre-activated TRAP allele (Rosa26fsTRAP) to show that endothelium-specific activation of Rosa26fsTRAP identifies endothelial cell enriched transc...

  3. Alien and native species richness and abundance Dryad

    DateIssued: 09-12-2014

    Description: le. "Port" = name of the fifteen surveyed sites; "Trap position" = environment where the traps were placed in each of the fifteen surveyed sites (forest vs port); "Alien species richness" = mean number of alien species trapped per trap check; "Alien species abundance" =mean number...

  4. Juergens et al_Trap data Dryad

    DateIssued: 01-29-2015

    Description: Microsoft Excel worksheet with trap data of insects found on different artificial traps. Experiments with white, green, and red artificial sticky traps to test th...

  5. Rovero et al_EAM cam trap database.csv Figshare

    ID: doi:10.6084/M9.FIGSHARE.3444005.V1

    Release Date: 12-28-2016

    Description: Camera trap records of medium to large mammals detected in selected mountain blocks and forests within the the Eastern Arc Mountains of Ta...

  6. Transcription profiling of Arabidopsis plants with the chlorophyll removed by combining enhancer trap and RNAi approaches ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MEXP-1988

    Description: of the C3 plant Arabidopsis by combining enhancer trap and RNAi approaches. Three independent transgenic lines were created. These were each compared to the parent line, J1511, in a microarray experiment....

  7. Abundance of 147 taxa of tropical arthropods Dryad

    DateIssued: 09-08-2015

    Description: thod composed of two types of flight interception trap (FIT), the Malaise trap (MT) and the Windowpane trap (WT); and two types of attractive traps: the Fruit trap (FT) and the Automatic Light trap (ALT)...

  8. TRAP_STAAC UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q5HEU0

    Description: Signal transduction protein TRAP ABM Phosphohistidine Phosphohistidine Phosphohistidine

  9. TRAP_STAAW UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q8NVW1

    Description: Signal transduction protein TRAP ABM Phosphohistidine Phosphohistidine Phosphohistidine

  10. TRAP_STAA3 UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q2FFR1

    Description: Signal transduction protein TRAP ABM Phosphohistidine Phosphohistidine Phosphohistidine

  11. Summary Dryad

    DateIssued: 03-20-2015

    Description: Data summarizing the outcomes of trials between unrestrained trap-jaw ants (Odontomachus brunneus) and pitbuilding antlions

  12. Yue et al 2015 Data Dryad

    DateIssued: 01-19-2016

    Description: Camera trap and site data used for the study

  13. Truncation of LOC100288798 (SLC38A4-AS) lncRNA in human haploid KBM7 cell line ArrayExpress

    ID: E-GEOD-71284

    Description: ns for a few of these transcripts. The Human Gene Trap Mutant Collection in haploid KBM7 cells is a ready-to-use tool for studying protein-coding gene function. As lncRNAs show remarkable differences in RNA biology compared to protein-coding genes, it is unclear if this gene trap collection is useful for functional analysis of lncRNAs. Here we use the uncharacte...

  14. Camera trap and covariate data Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-16-2017

    Description: File includes camera trap locations, species detections at the respective camera traps, probability of detection covariates, probability of occupancy co...

  15. Data from artificial traps placed on artificial backgrounds Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-30-2014

    Description: single prey item. ‘Time’: date of removal of trap from bog (traps were in place for 7 days) - 1=08/09/2012 2=15/09/2012 3=22/09/2012. ‘Trap’: trap i.d. TrpClr: Trap colour (Red or green). BGClr: Colour of artificial background (Red or Green). ‘Length’: Length of prey item. ‘Width’: Width of prey item. ‘Order’: Tax...

  16. Roeder_et_al_Biotropica_Kilimanjaro_arthropod_abundances_data_and_meta-data Dryad

    DateIssued: 12-06-2016

    Description: Raw data of arthropod abundances per trap for pitfall traps. Taxonomical resolution: order to family (depending on taxon).

  17. B.licheniformis Anti-TRAP can assemble into two types of dodecameric particles with the same symmetry but inverted orientation of trimers PDB

    ID: PDB:3LCZ

    Description: Inhibitor of TRAP, regulated by T-BOX (Trp) sequence RtpA

  18. Crystal structure of a trap periplasmic solute binding protein actinobacillus succinogenes 130z, target EFI-510004, with bound L-galactonate PDB

    ID: PDB:4O8M



    ID: PDB:4PAK


  20. Crystal structure of the MG2+ loaded VWA domain of plasmodium falciparum trap protein PDB

    ID: PDB:4F1J

    Description: Thrombospondin related anonymous protein

Displaying 20 of 1,039 results for "TGFBRAP1"