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  1. Molecular classification of multiple myeloma GEMMA

    ID: 2130

    Keywords: functional genomics

    Description: ntified 112 probe sets as characterizing the TC1, TC2, TC4 and TC5 groups, whereas the TC3 samples showed heterogeneous phenotypes and no marker genes. The TC2 group, which showed extra copies of the CCND1 locus and no IGH translocations or the chromosome 13q deletion, was characterized by the overexpression of genes involved in protein biosynthesis at translational level. A meta-analysis of published datasets validated the identified gene expression signatures. CONCLUSIONS. Our data contribute to the understanding of the molecular and biological features of distinct MM subtypes. The identification of a distinctive gene expression pattern in TC2 patients may improve risk stratification and indicate novel therapeutic targets. Last Updated (by provider): Dec 15 2010 Contributers: Vincenzo Callea Luigia Lombardi Daniela Intini Luca Agnelli Antonino Neri Michela Mattioli Donata Verdelli Luca Baldini Sonia Fabris Silvio Bicciato Fortunato Morabito Includes GDS1284. Update date: Oct 05 2006. Dataset description GDS1284: Analysis of CD138+ plasma cells purifi...

Displaying 1 of 1 results for "TCN2"