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  1. RGS9-2-controlled adaptations in the striatum determine the onset of action and eficacy of antidepressants in neuropathic pain states OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-71527

    Date Released: 08-29-2015

    Description: The striatal protein Regulator of G protein signaling-2 (

  2. Gene profiling studies in postnatal Mfrprd6 mutant eyes reveal differential expression of Prss56, a trypsin-like serine protease, and genes involved i... OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-53411

    Date Released: 11-01-2014

    Description: he expression of RPE-specific visual transduction protein, RPE65, was significantly decreased in Mfrprd6 mutants. As an indirect consequence of the primary RPE cell defect due to the Mfrprd6 mutation, retinal specific transcripts Rgr, Pde6a, GuCa1b, and Rgs9 were also significantly decreased. We also confirmed the significantly elevated levels of Prss56, a gene previously associated with myopia and open angle glaucoma. In the Mfrprd6 mutant, a progressive increase in Prss56 mRNA levels from 14- to 70-fold was observed from P7 to P21, respectively. In situ hybridization and glutamine synthetase staining of mutant eyes indirectly identified Müller glia in the inner nuclear layer of retina as the cell type expressing the Prss56 transcript. This experiment had one model term, a combination of strain and time, which consisted of four levels (B6_P0, B6_P14, Rd6_P0 and Rd6_P14). Three biological replicates were used per term level. A total of 12 Affymetrix Mouse 430v2 Arrays were used in gene expression analysis....

  3. Identification of Differential Gene Expression During Transition of Bovine Corpus Luteum from Early To Mid–Phase. OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-10662

    Date Released: 05-02-2014

    Description: of PGF2alpha receptors; therefore differences in signaling events might be responsible for LS. Hence differential gene expression at two developmental stages, days 4 (D-4) and 10 (D-10) post estrus, might account for differences in signal transduction pathways associated with LS. This possibility was examined in these studies. Microarray analysis (n=3 per stage) identified 167 genes that were differentially expressed (p<0.05). These were categorized into genes involved in cell signaling, steroidogenesis and metabolism, protein degrad...

  4. Effects of knockdown of ROCK1 and ZIPK on gene expression in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-56819

    Date Released: 05-25-2015

    Description: o-associated kinase (ROCK) and zipper-interacting protein kinase (ZIPK) have been implicated in diverse physiological functions, including smooth muscle contraction, cell proliferatio...

Displaying 4 of 4 results for "RGS9"