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  1. Identification of Embryonic Pancreatic Genes using Xenopus DNA Microarrays BioProject

    ID: PRJNA108669

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: ion patterns of 24 genes. Among them, STXBP6 and KIRREL2 were expressed by the early tailbud stage, suggesting the possible involvement of novel signaling pathways in early pancreas development. Keywords: organ type comparison Overall design: We wished to identify genes that are specifically expressed in the developing pancreas of early Xenopus embryos to better understand the process of endodermal organ differentiation. During embryonic gut formation, the liver and pancreatic rudiments bud out from the epithelium of the developing digestive tube posterior to the future stomach (Kelly and Melton 2000; Chalmers and Slack, 1998). The dorsal pancreatic bud originates from the gut tube underneath a portion of the notochord and the ventral pancreatic buds derive from the ventral gut adjacent to the heart. These pancreatic primordia are independently induced and later fuse to form a single pancreas. We isolated the pancreas, liver, and stomach buds from stage 42 embryos (swimming tadpole...

Displaying 1 of 1 results for "KIRREL2"