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  1. NDPA_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LNZ0

    Description: Nucleoid-associated protein VCM66_1963

  2. RUTA_ECOCB UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: D3QPK5

    Description: Pyrimidine monooxygenase RutA FMN FMN FMN FMN FMN

    dataset.creators: Lan R.
  3. RL33_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LQI1

    Description: 50S ribosomal protein L33

  4. NU4LM_MUNVU UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q9B996

    Description: NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 4L Helical Helical Helical

    dataset.creators: Lan H.
  5. CUTC_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LSY3

    Description: Copper homeostasis protein CutC

  6. Y3298_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LVF6

    Description: UPF0312 protein VCM66_A0498

  7. RUTD_ECOCB UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: D3QPK2

    Description: Putative aminoacrylate hydrolase RutD

    dataset.creators: Lan R.
  8. Y1516_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LMQ4

    Description: UPF0267 protein VCM66_1516

  9. ECTC_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LW87

    Description: L-ectoine synthase

    dataset.creators: Lan R.
  10. PRMA_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LQP9

    Description: Ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase

  11. Y3500_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LW07

    Description: UPF0265 protein VCM66_A0700

  12. RL35_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LUW0

    Description: 50S ribosomal protein L35

  13. DHAS_VIBMI UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q60080

    Description: Aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase NADP NADP NADP Acyl-thioester intermediate Proton acceptor Phosphate Substrate Phosphate Substrate NADP

    dataset.creators: Lan R.
  14. RL34_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LP80

    Description: 50S ribosomal protein L34

  15. RIMP_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LSP6

    Description: Ribosome maturation factor RimP

    dataset.creators: Lan R.
  16. RL27_VIBCM UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: C3LRG7

    Description: 50S ribosomal protein L27

  17. RP110119-L5-1-IDD NeuroMorpho.Org

    Type: image

    ID: 37292

  18. RP120803-P-1-IDD NeuroMorpho.Org

    Type: image

    ID: 37597

  19. RP100426-1-IDD NeuroMorpho.Org

    Type: image

    ID: 37252

  20. RP110127-L5-1-IDD NeuroMorpho.Org

    Type: image

    ID: 37370

Displaying 20 of 5,061 results for "DGCR2"