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  1. The superposition of object-based and rule-based representations in inferotemporal (IT) cortex GND

    ID: doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2016.0003

    Release Date: 09-16-2016

  2. Metaplasticity and spontaneous activity contribute to the heterosynaptic plasticity model of the granule cell model in vivo GND

    ID: doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0219

    Release Date: 09-04-2015

  3. Brain-Computer Interfacing in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Implications of a Resting-State EEG Analysis GND

    ID: doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0224

    Release Date: 09-04-2015

  4. Causal Bayesian Inference in hierarchical distributed computation in the Cortex, towards a neural model GND

    ID: doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0182

    Release Date: 09-04-2015

  5. Neurocomputational modelling of semantic grounding in the brain using graded response and spiking neurons GND

    ID: doi:10.12751/NNCN.BC2015.0170

    Release Date: 09-04-2015

Displaying 5 of 1,305 results for " "