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  1. Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data: National Incident-Based Reporting System, 2011 Dataverse

    Description: The National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) is a part of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR), administered by the Federal Bureau of Inv...

    Person: United States Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  2. Monitoring of Federal Criminal Sentences, 2002 Dataverse

    Description: This collection contains information on federal criminal cases sentenced under the Sentencing Guidelines and Policy Statements of the Sentencing Refor...

    Person: United States Sentencing Commission

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  3. Facing Fate: Estimates of Longevity from Facial Appearance and their Underlying Cues Dataverse

    Description: We examined whether life longevity could be predicted from facial appearance. We asked participants to view headshots from a 1923 university yearbook ...

    Person: Rule, Nicholas

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  4. The Omnibus Survey, November/December 2002, Travels - Individuals Dataverse

    Description: Fra 1992 har SSB startet opp en generell omnibus som gjennomføres 4 ganger i året. Undersøkelsen skal kartlegge folks holdninger til en rekke samfu...

    Person: Normann, Tor Morten

    Release Date: 02-27-2012

  5. National Child Development Study: Sweep 6, 1999-2000 Dataverse

    Description: The National Child Development Study (NCDS) is a continuing longitudinal study that seeks to follow the lives of all those living in Great Britain who...

    Person: University of London. Institute of Education. Centre for Longitudinal Studies

    Release Date: 02-28-2012

  6. Smoking Habits Survey, 1976 Dataverse

    Description: During the 1960's the question of influencing people's smoking habits was treated several times in the Norwegian Parliament. Important documents for t...

    Person: Statistics Norway

    Release Date: 02-27-2012

  7. Adaptation Process of Cuban (Mariel) and Haitian Refugees in South Florida, 1983-1987 Dataverse

    Description: This survey was designed to examine economic, social, and psychological adaptation of Cuban and Haitian refugees to American society. Cuban (those arr...

    Person: Portes, Alejandro

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  8. Current Population Survey: Annual Demographic File, 1984 (With 1985-Based Weights) Dataverse

    Description: This is a new version of a data collection that was previously released under the title CURRENT POPULATION SURVEY: ANNUAL DEMOGRAPHIC FILE, 1984 (ICPS...

    Person: United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  9. Labour Force Survey 2010, 1st quarter Dataverse

    Description: Labour Force Survey 2010, 1st quarter As of the 1st quarter of 1972, SSB has conducted official quarterly labour force surveys (AKU). These surveys ai...

    Person: Statistics Norway, Oslo

    Release Date: 02-27-2012

  10. The National Broadcasting System's User Survey 1977 Dataverse

    Description: Datasettet er hentet fra Radio- og fjernsynsundersøkelsen februar 1977, utført av Statistisk sentralbyrå (SSB) etter oppdrag fra Norsk Rikskringkas...

    Person: Statistisk sentralbyrå, SSB Norsk Rikskringkasting, NRK

    Release Date: 02-27-2012

  11. Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior, November 1990 Dataverse

    Description: These surveys were undertaken to measure changes in consumer attitudes and expectations, to understand why these changes occur, and to evaluate how th...

    Person: Economic Behavior Program. Survey Research Center. University of Michigan

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  12. Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data [United States]: Supplementary Homicide Reports, 2002 Dataverse

    Description: Since 1930, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has compiled the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) to serve as a periodic nationwide assessment of reported ...

    Person: United States Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  13. Replication Data for Quality Over Quantity: Amici Influence and Judicial Decision Making Dataverse

    Description: Interest groups often make their preferences known on cases before the U.S. Supreme Court via amicus curiae briefs. In evaluating the case and related...

    Person: Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M. Christenson, Dino P. Hitt, Matthew

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  14. Nineteenth Century Family History in Michigan: 1850-1880 Dataverse

    Description: This data collection provides information on the characteristics of 1,194 Michigan families in rural places, towns and villages, and the urban areas o...

    Person: Warner, Sam Bass Jr.

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  15. General Social Survey, 1982 Dataverse

    Description: The General Social Survey (GSS) conducts basic scientific research on the structure and development of American society with a data-collection program...

    Person: National Opinion Research Center

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  16. Gambling in the United States, 1975 Dataverse

    Description: This study contains interviews conducted with a national sample (Part 1) and a sample of Nevada residents (Part 2) on gambling activities and attitude...

    Person: Kallick, Maureen Suits, Daniel Suits Dielman, Theodore Hybels, Judith

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  17. Comparative Project on Class Structure and Class Consciousness: Core and Country-Specific Files Dataverse

    Description: This data collection was designed to provide systematic data for analyzing class structure. The central objective of the survey was to develop rigorou...

    Person: Wright, Erik Olin, et al.

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  18. ABC News/Washington Post Poll #2, September 1990 Dataverse

    Description: This data collection focuses on the federal budget deficit and on issues dealing with the rich and the poor in America. Respondents were asked if they...

    Person: ABC News The Washington Post

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  19. State-Level Congressional, Gubernatorial and Senatorial Election Data for the United States, 1824-1972 Dataverse

    Description: This study contains raw and percentagized returns for all regular congressional, gubernatorial, and senatorial elections in the United States from 182...

    Person: Burnham, W. Dean Clubb, Jerome M. Flanigan, William

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  20. Afrobarometer Round 4: The Quality of Democracy and Governance in Kenya, 2008 Dataverse

    Description: The Afrobarometer project was designed to collect and disseminate information regarding Africans' views on democracy, governance, economic reform, civ...

    Person: Mitullah, Winnie V. Oloo, Joseph Onjala, Joseph Kivuva, Joshua Oyuke, Abel Gyimah-Boadi, E. Logan, Carolyn Bratton, Michael Mattes, Robert

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

Displaying 20 of 138,504 results for " "