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  1. Data from: Clinical study reports of randomised controlled trials: an exploratory review of previously confidential industry reports Dryad

    DateIssued: 03-11-2013

    Description: Objective: To explore the structure and content of a non-random sample of clinical study reports (CSRs) to guide clinicians and systematic reviewers. ...

  2. Data from: Dynamic disease management in Trachymyrmex fungus-growing ants (Attini: Formicidae) Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-02-2013

    Description: Multipartner mutualisms have potentially complex dynamics, with compensatory responses when one partner is lost or relegated to a minor role. Fungus-g...

  3. Data from: Interglacial genetic diversification of Moussonia deppeana (Gesneriaceae), a hummingbird-pollinated, cloud forest shrub in northern Mesoame... Dryad

    DateIssued: 08-06-2014

    Description: Recent empirical work on cloud forest-adapted species supports the role of both old divergences across major geographical areas and more recent diverg...

  4. Data from: Taxonomic composition and body-mass distribution in the terminal Pleistocene mammalian fauna from the Marmes site, southeastern Washington ... Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-30-2013

    Description: Mean adult body mass of mammal taxa is a fundamental ecological variable. Variability in the distributions of body masses of a mammal fauna suggest va...

  5. Data from: Specialty choice in times of economic crisis: a cross-sectional survey of Spanish medical students Dryad

    DateIssued: 02-26-2013

    Description: Objective: To investigate the determinants of specialty choice among graduating medical students in Spain, a country that entered into a severe, ongoi...

  6. Data from: Coalescent species delimitation in milksnakes (genus Lampropeltis) and impacts on phylogenetic comparative analyses Dryad

    DateIssued: 02-17-2014

    Description: Both gene-tree discordance and unrecognized diversity are sources of error for accurate estimation of species trees, and can affect downstream diversi...

  7. Data from: Characterization of human cortical gene expression in relation to glucose utilization. Dryad

    DateIssued: 01-26-2017

    Description: Objectives: Human brain development follows a unique pattern characterized by a prolonged period of postnatal growth and reorganization, and a postnat...

  8. Data from: Gene coexpression networks reveal key drivers of phenotypic divergence in lake whitefish Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-20-2013

    Description: BACKGROUND: A functional understanding of processes involved in adaptive divergence is one of the awaiting opportunities afforded by high throughput t...

  9. Data from: Repeated parallel evolution reveals limiting similarity in subterranean diving beetles Dryad

    DateIssued: 06-19-2013

    Description: The theory of limiting similarity predicts that co-occurring species must be sufficiently different to coexist. Although this idea is a staple of comm...

  10. Data from: High genetic diversity and low population structure in Porter’s sunflower (Helianthus porteri) Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-11-2013

    Description: Granite outcrops in the southeastern United States are rare and isolated habitats that support edaphically controlled communities dominated by herbace...

  11. Data from: Genomic dissection of variation in clutch size and egg mass in a wild great tit (Parus major) population Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-01-2015

    Description: Clutch size and egg mass are life history traits that have been extensively studied in wild bird populations, as life history theory predicts a negati...

  12. Data from: Fossils, molecules, divergence times, and the origin of Lissamphibians Dryad

    DateIssued: 02-15-2013

    Description: A review of the paleontological literature shows that the early dates of appearance of Lissamphibia recently inferred from molecular data do not favor...

  13. Data from: Lifetime fitness and age-related female ornament signalling: evidence for survival and fecundity selection in the pied flycatcher Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-02-2014

    Description: Ornaments displayed by females have often been denied evolutionary interest due to their frequently reduced expression relative to males, habitually a...

  14. Data from: Testosterone positively associated with both male mating effort and paternal behavior in savanna baboons (Papio cynocephalus) Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-14-2013

    Description: Testosterone (T) is often positively associated with male sexual behavior and negatively associated with paternal care. These associations have primar...

  15. Data from: Stepping-stone expansion and habitat loss explain a peculiar genetic structure and distribution of a forest insect Dryad

    DateIssued: 10-26-2015

    Description: It is challenging to unravel the history of organisms with highly scattered populations. Such species may have fragmented distributions because extant...

  16. Data from: Tracking climate change in a dispersal-limited species: reduced spatial and genetic connectivity in a montane salamander Dryad

    DateIssued: 06-14-2013

    Description: Tropical montane taxa are often locally adapted to very specific climatic conditions, contributing to their lower dispersal potential across complex l...

  17. Data from: Who’s for dinner? High-throughput sequencing reveals bat diet differentiation in a biodiversity hotspot where prey taxonomy is largely un... Dryad

    DateIssued: 07-24-2014

    Description: Effective management and conservation of biodiversity requires understanding of predator–prey relationships to ensure the continued existence of bot...

  18. Data from: Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution analysis of Saxifragales using a supermatrix approach Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-20-2013

    Description: Premise of the study: We sought novel evolutionary insights for the highly diverse Saxifragales by constructing a large phylogenetic tree encompassing...

  19. Data from: The scent of inbreeding: male sex pheromones betray inbred males Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-18-2013

    Description: Inbreeding depression results from mating among genetically related individuals and impairs reproductive success. The decrease in male mating success ...

  20. Data from: Facultative use of thelytokous parthenogenesis for queen production in the polyandrous ant Cataglyphis cursor Dryad

    DateIssued: 07-22-2013

    Description: The evolutionary paradox of sex remains one of the major debates in evolutionary biology. The study of species capable of both sexual and asexual repr...

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