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  1. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:10273 CIL

    ID: 10273

    Description: Early stages of dendritic development and synapse formation in cultured hippocampal neurons. This multilayer image shows neurons fixed at 7 days in ...

    Data Types: image

  2. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:10276 CIL

    ID: 10276

    Description: After over-night serum starvation, mouse fibroblast expressing Dyn2-GFP were stimulated with 10ng/ml PDGF. After 5min, the cells were fixed and staine...

    Data Types: image

  3. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:10311 CIL

    ID: 10311

    Description: Cultured hippocampal neurons after 10 days in vitro, immunostained for MAP2, a microtubule associated protein localized to dendrites (red) but not axo...

    Data Types: image

  4. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:11996 CIL

    ID: 11996

    Description: A polymorphic immune cell (red) glides over two spherical V12Ras-transformed mucus-secreting cells (green, possible tumor precursors) in a live three ...

    Data Types: image

  5. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:10417 CIL

    ID: 10417

    Description: Nucleated erythrocytes from chicken were spread on water, the dispersed chromatin picked up on carbon-formvar grids, fixed with paraformaldehye, criti...

    Data Types: image

Displaying 5 of 10,344 results for " "