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  1. MDPPublish-40924 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-40924

    Description: number of incursions during session (male)

  2. MDPPublish-20308 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-20308

    Description: preference for 7.5mM CaCl2 solution (female)

  3. MDPPublish-20322 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-20322

    Description: blood pH (female)

  4. MDPPublish-25134 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-25134

    Description: bone mineral density (BMD) of spine (female)

  5. MDPPublish-40902 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-40902

    Description: session, time to reach half maximal speed (cube root) (male)

  6. MDPPublish-39905 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-39905

    Description: non-HDL cholesterol (male)

  7. MDPPublish-36116 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-36116

    Description: preference for 3mM CaCl2 solution (male)

  8. MDPPublish-20810 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-20810

    Description: cross-sectional area of hippocampal commissure at midplane (female)

  9. MDPPublish-15603 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-15603

    Description: CC50 for minimal clonic seizure, transcorneal electrode (at SL) (female)

  10. MDPPublish-20325 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-20325

    Description: age of mouse at death (female)

  11. MDPPublish-32831 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-32831

    Description: macrovacuoles, after 8 wks on athergenic diet (score: 0-4) (male)

  12. MDPPublish-12912 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12912

    Description: small liquid crystals, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (score: 0-4) (female)

  13. MDPPublish-12915 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12915

    Description: cholesterol monohydrate crystals, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (score: 0-4) (female)

  14. MDPPublish-35608 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-35608

    Description: CC50 for psychomotor seizure, transcorneal electrode (at BH) (male)

  15. MDPPublish-45415 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-45415

    Description: missteps crossing 19.0 mm balance beam, 1.2 g/kg ethanol (male)

  16. MDPPublish-12825 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12825

    Description: bile salts (plasma), after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (female)

  17. MDPPublish-31620 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-31620

    Description: functional residual capacity to total lung capacity (male)

  18. MDPPublish-39103 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-39103

    Description: acoustic startle response evoked by 80 dB SPL (male)

  19. MDPPublish-31607 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-31607

    Description: functional residual capacity (male)

  20. MDPPublish-45402 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-45402

    Description: body weight (male)

Displaying 20 of 4,622 results for " "