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  1. GWAS on Cataract and HDL in the PMRP dbGaP

    ID: phs000170.v2.p1

    Description: The primary goals of this project are to develop and validate electronic phenotyping algorithms, to accurately identify cases and controls while maint...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  2. Identification of Recurrent SMO and BRAF Mutations in Ameloblastomas dbGaP

    ID: phs000739.v1.p1

    Description: RNA-seq data from two cases of ameloblastoma was analyzed for candidate gene fusions and point mutations. Recurrent point mutations identified in the ...

    Study Types: Cohort

  3. Biology and Molecular Analysis of Human Hematopoiesis Genetics dbGaP

    ID: phs000474.v3.p2

    Description: In this study we have performed exome sequencing using the hybrid capture method that has previously been described (Gnirke et al., Nature Biotechnolo...

  4. CPTAC Proteogenomic Confirmatory Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000892.v5.p1

    Description: Recently, significant progress has been made in characterizing and sequencing the genomic alterations in statistically robust numbers of samples from ...

  5. Exome Chip Study of NIMH Controls dbGaP

    ID: phs000630.v1.p1

    Description: Here, we report exome chip genotyping results of 1052 samples from the NIMH control set, a collection of healthy controls for general research use. Th...

    Study Types: Control Set

  6. Baylor Hopkins Center for Mendelian Genomics (BH CMG) dbGaP

    ID: phs000711.v2.p1

    Description: The Centers for Mendelian Genomics project uses next-generation sequencing and computational approaches to discover the genes and variants that underl...

    Study Types: Mixed

  7. Epi4K: Gene Discovery in 4,000 Epilepsy Genomes dbGaP

    ID: phs000653.v2.p1

    Description: The Epi4K project began in 2011 as an international, multi-center study that seeks to identify and characterize the genetic bases of complex epilepsie...

  8. NCI Cancer Genome Characterization Initiative (CGCI) dbGaP

    ID: phs000235.v4.p1

    Description: The Office of Cancer Genomics at the National Cancer Institute is sponsoring a series of studies as part of the Cancer Genome Characterization Initiat...

  9. Family-Based Study on Ulcerative Colitis with Whole Exome Sequencing dbGaP

    ID: phs001251.v1.p1

    Description: Genetic risk factors for ulcerative colitis are not well understood. We performed a family-based whole exome sequencing analysis to identify potential...

    Study Types: Family

  10. The Cardiopulmonary Effects of Particulate Exposure dbGaP

    ID: phs000968.v1.p1

    Description: The study was initially designed as a longitudinal cohort study of cardiovascular effects of particulate exposure. Participants were boilermaker const...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  11. Multiple Myeloma CoMMpass Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000748.v4.p3

    Description: The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) CoMMpass (Relating Clinical Outcomes in MM to Personal Assessment of Genetic Profile) trial (NCT014542...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  12. NIA Long Life Family Study (LLFS) dbGaP

    ID: phs000397.v1.p1

    Description: The Long Life Family Study (LLFS) is an international collaborative study of the genetics and familial components of exceptional survival, longevity, ...

    Study Types: Family

  13. PREDICT-HD Huntington Disease Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000222.v4.p2

    Description: The purpose of this project is to make clinical measurements from the PREDICT-HD consortium available through the dbGaP mechanism. The phenotype data ...

  14. Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer GWAS dbGaP

    ID: phs001002.v1.p1

    Description: The Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) 90401 trial compared docetaxel and prednisone with or without bevacizumab in men with metastatic castration-re...

    Study Types: Cohort

  15. Alcohol Dependence GWAS in European- and African Americans dbGaP

    ID: phs000425.v1.p1

    Description: This study includes SSADDA (Semi Structured Assessment for Drug Dependence and Alcoholism) assessed subjects (mostly unrelated, but including some aff...

  16. Epigenetic Profiling of Human Colorectal Cancer dbGaP

    ID: phs000385.v1.p1

    Description: DNA methylation, together with chromatin modifications, constitute the epigenome that functions to regulate gene expression and genome integrity. DNA ...

    Study Types: Case Set

  17. BCM Advancing Sequencing in Childhood Cancer Care Study (BASIC3) dbGaP

    ID: phs001026.v1.p1

    Description: The BASIC3 (Baylor College of Medicine Advancing Sequencing in Childhood Cancer Care) study is a National Genome Human Research Institute (NHGRI) and ...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  18. PGC: the PUWMa GWAS of ADHD dbGaP

    ID: phs000358.v1.p1

    Description: The PUWMa GWAS of ADHD is a multi-site collaboration initiated to conduct a family-based association study from existing research samples. The sou...

    Study Types: Parent-Offspring Trios

  19. Somatic Mutation Load in Clones of Single Human Cells dbGaP

    ID: phs001182.v1.p1

    Description: Accumulation of genetic changes with time and proliferation of cells is inevitable. We report here the genome-wide magnitude and spectra of mutations ...

    Study Types: Control Set

  20. NCI Cancer Genome Characterization Initiative (CGCI) dbGaP

    ID: phs000235.v5.p1

    Description: The Office of Cancer Genomics at the National Cancer Institute is sponsoring a series of studies as part of the Cancer Genome Characterization Initiat...

Displaying 20 of 79,180 results for " "