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  1. MDPPublish-12936 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12936

    Description: fatty streak aortic lesion size, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (female)

  2. MDPPublish-32916 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-32916

    Description: number of sandy stones, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (male)

  3. MDPPublish-32911 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-32911

    Description: filaments, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (score: 0-4) (male)

  4. MDPPublish-36201 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-36201

    Description: white blood cell count (WBC) (units per volume x 103) (male)

  5. MDPPublish-40808 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-40808

    Description: length of anterior commissure at mid-sagittal plane (male)

  6. MDPPublish-12931 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12931

    Description: macrovacuoles, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (score: 0-4) (female)

  7. MDPPublish-15606 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-15606

    Description: CC50 for maximal tonic hindlimb extension seizure, transcorneal electrode (at SL) (female)

  8. MDPPublish-43210 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-43210

    Description: mean cell hemoglobin concentration (male)

  9. MDPPublish-39204 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-39204

    Description: animal age at test (male)

  10. MDPPublish-19238 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-19238

    Description: daily water intake adjusted for body weight (30g) (female)

  11. MDPPublish-25117 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-25117

    Description: mean inspiratory time (female)

  12. MDPPublish-12932 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-12932

    Description: inflammation, after 8 wks on atherogenic diet (score: 0-4) (female)

  13. MDPPublish-32211 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-32211

    Description: Hargreaves test following peripheral nerve injury, latency to respond (male)

  14. MDPPublish-40315 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-40315

    Description: preference for 75mM NaCl solution (male)

  15. MDPPublish-33605 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-33605

    Description: body weight, age 4 weeks (male)

  16. MDPPublish-40921 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-40921

    Description: median curvature in center (1/square root) (male)

  17. MDPPublish-31623 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-31623

    Description: vital capacity to bodyweight (male)

  18. MDPPublish-25416 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-25416

    Description: missteps crossing 19.0 mm balance beam, 1.4 g/kg ethanol (female)

  19. MDPPublish-36205 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-36205

    Description: mean cell volume (male)

  20. MDPPublish-39922 GeneNetwork

    ID: MDPPublish-39922

    Description: triglycerides, after 17 wks on atherogenic diet (male)

Displaying 20 of 4,622 results for " "