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  1. Whole-Genome Sequencing of Acute Myeloid Leukemia dbGaP

    ID: phs000159.v7.p4

    Description: We used massively parallel sequencing technology to sequence the genomic DNA of tumor cells (leukemic bone marrow) and normal cells (skin biopsy) obta...

  2. Genetic Components of Knee Osteoarthritis (GeCKO) Study: OAI dbGaP

    ID: phs000955.v1.p1

    Description: The Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI) is a publicly and privately funded prospective longitudinal cohort with a primary objective of identifying risk fa...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  3. UCD Imaging Study dbGaP

    ID: phs001296.v1.p1

    Description: This project studies cognitive and motor dysfunction in adult and pediatric patients who are female carriers of ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency ...

  4. Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Cohort dbGaP

    ID: phs000280.v2.p1

    Description: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study, sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), is a prospective epidemiologi...

  5. NHLBI GO-ESP: Family Studies (Mendelian Lipid Disorders) dbGaP

    ID: phs000587.v1.p1

    Description: The NHLBI "Grand Opportunity" Exome Sequencing Project (GO-ESP), a signature project of the NHLBI Recovery Act investment, was designed to identify ge...

    Study Types: Case Set

  6. eMERGE Network Imputed GWAS for 41 phenotypes dbGaP

    ID: phs000888.v1.p1

    Description: The electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network is a consortium of ten participating sites (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Ce...

  7. Genomic Sequencing of Cervical Cancers dbGaP

    ID: phs000600.v1.p1

    Description: Cervical cancer is responsible for 10-15% of cancer related deaths in women worldwide. The etiological role of infection with high-risk human papillom...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  8. NHLBI GO-ESP: Lung Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (Asthma) dbGaP

    ID: phs000422.v1.p1

    Description: The NHLBI "Grand Opportunity" Exome Sequencing Project (GO-ESP), a signature project of the NHLBI Recovery Act investment, was designed to identify ge...

    Study Types: Case Set

  9. Geisinger Health System - MyCode, eMERGE III Exome Chip dbGaP

    ID: phs000957.v1.p1

    Description: DNA samples were obtained from participants of the Geisinger MyCode biobank. Phenotype data to determine case or control status for abdominal aortic a...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  10. Clinical Cancer Sequencing dbGaP

    ID: phs000694.v2.p1

    Description: Translating whole exome sequencing (WES) for prospective clinical use may impact the care of cancer patients; however, multiple innovations are necess...

    Study Types: Case Set

  11. The Neonatal Microbiome and NEC dbGaP

    ID: phs000247.v2.p2

    Description: The Neonatal Microbiome and Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) study is a multi-centered case control study testing the hypothesis that NEC is a direct ...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  12. VitGene Generalized Vitiligo Genetics Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000224.v2.p1

    Description: Generalized vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which melanocyte loss results in patchy depigmentation of skin and hair. For this second GWAS of gene...

  13. NHLBI GO-ESP: Lung Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (Cystic Fibrosis) dbGaP

    ID: phs000254.v1.p1

    Description: The NHLBI "Grand Opportunity" Exome Sequencing Project (GO-ESP), a signature project of the NHLBI Recovery Act investment, was designed to identif...

  14. Phylogenetic Analyses Reveal Complex Patterns of Melanoma Metastasis dbGaP

    ID: phs000941.v1.p1

    Description: Subpopulations of cells in a primary melanoma can disseminate and establish metastases. Still, the precise ancestral relationship between primary tumo...

    Study Types: Tumor vs. Matched-Normal

  15. Heart and Vascular Health Study (HVH) dbGaP

    ID: phs001013.v1.p1

    Description: Objectives The Heart and Vascular Health Study (HVH) is a case-control study of risk factors for the development of myocardial infarction (MI), stroke...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  16. Cell types and lineages of hESC-derived brain cells dbGaP

    ID: phs001205.v1.p1

    Description: During development of the human brain, multiple cell types with diverse regional identities are generated. Here we report a system to generate early h...

  17. University of Michigan Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) dbGaP

    ID: phs000673.v1.p1

    Description: Overview. The personalization of therapy for cancer will require molecular characterization of unique and shared genetic aberrations. In particular, p...

    Study Types: Case Set

  18. Genomic Characterization of Meningiomas dbGaP

    ID: phs000552.v1.p1

    Description: Meningiomas are the most common primary brain tumor in the US. Although the tumor suppressor gene NF2 is disrupted in approximately half of meningioma...

    Study Types: Case Set

  19. Germline Sequencing for Aggressive Prostate Carcinoma dbGaP

    ID: phs000661.v1.p1

    Description: This study aims to elucidate the genetic determinants of susceptibility to aggressive prostate carcinoma. To this end, germ line whole exome sequence ...

    Study Types: Case Set

  20. Genomic Analysis of Mycosis Fungoides and S├ęzary Syndrome dbGaP

    ID: phs000913.v1.p1

    Description: Mycosis Fungoides (MF) and Sézary Syndrome (Sz) comprise the majority of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) cases and are characterized by clinical...

Displaying 20 of 79,180 results for " "