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  1. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:9918 CIL

    ID: 9918

    Description: Nuclear pores in face view of Opercularia coarctata. TEM taken on 6/13/69 by R. Allen with Philips 300 operating at 60kV. Neg. 14,800X. Bar = 0.25µm....

    Data Types: image

  2. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:9926 CIL

    ID: 9926

    Description: Newt (Notopthalmus viridenscens erythrocytes were isolated in 0.1M KCl, spread on the surface of Na-citrate, picked up on formvar-carbon films, fixed ...

    Data Types: image

Displaying 20 of 80,222 results for " "