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  1. CXBPublish-10004 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10004

    Description: Forebrain plus midbrain weight

  2. CXBPublish-10053 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10053

    Description: expression of CD8+ T cells,V beta family 9 [%]

  3. CXBPublish-10033 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10033

    Description: Relative hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) repopulating abilities at 3 months [total RUs/mouse (x1000)]

  4. CTB6F2Publish-10004 GeneNetwork

    ID: CTB6F2Publish-10004

    Description: Free fluid weight (Western diet 18 weeks)

  5. CXBPublish-10009 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10009

    Description: Testis volume at 19 days [nl]

  6. CXBPublish-10082 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10082

    Description: Plasma cholesterol levels on a nonpurified diet (NP) [mmol/L]

  7. CXBPublish-10064 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10064

    Description: Incidence of no fatty degeneration of the adrenal X-zone at 60 days [g (mean bodyweight)]

  8. CXBPublish-10040 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10040

    Description: Mammary tumor incidence at the end of life in the BALB/c stran post i.p. injection of MuMTV [probability]

  9. CXBPublish-10045 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10045

    Description: Relative resistance to i.p. inoculation with 104 pfu/cell of MCMV [LD50 value]

  10. CTB6F2Publish-10017 GeneNetwork

    ID: CTB6F2Publish-10017

    Description: Leptin (Western diet 18 weeks)

  11. CXBPublish-10015 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10015

    Description: Dispersion time of culmulus of eggs at 37 degrees C by hyaluronidase [min]

  12. CXBPublish-10020 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10020

    Description: Reactivity of T cell hybrids (D5.B4) cultured with 5X105 spleen cells from B6, BALB.B and CXB Ri strains [OD570 nm]

  13. CXBPublish-10076 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10076

    Description: Predicted value of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GPDH) activity [mean of two parental values]

  14. CXBPublish-10071 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10071

    Description: GVHD (graft-vs-host disease) 80-day mortality after dosage of ATBM [% dead]

  15. CTB6F2Publish-10012 GeneNetwork

    ID: CTB6F2Publish-10012

    Description: Epididymal fat (Western diet 18 weeks)

  16. CXBPublish-10022 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10022

    Description: Reactivity of T cell hybrids (B9.B4) cultured with 5X105 spleen cells from B6, BALB.B and CXB Ri strains [OD570 nm]

  17. CXBPublish-10027 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10027

    Description: Open-field defecation in 30 ftc illumination level [fecal boli number]

  18. CXBPublish-10014 GeneNetwork

    ID: CXBPublish-10014

    Description: Scapula length [%]

  19. CANDLEPublish-10110 GeneNetwork

    ID: CANDLEPublish-10110

    Description: Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE

  20. CANDLEPublish-10148 GeneNetwork

    ID: CANDLEPublish-10148

    Description: Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE

Displaying 20 of 4,622 results for " "