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  1. HSB-2 cells stably expressing LDB1 or mutant LDB1 proteins OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75839

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: LMO2 is a component of multisubunit DNA-binding transcription factor complexes that regulate gene expression in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell...

  2. Trophoblast stem cells (TSC) global transcriptome in stemness and differentiation conditions after treatment with PF1-3 OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-65358

    Date Released: 12-18-2015

    Description: Here we report a potent, acetyl-lysine competitive and cell active inhibitor, PFI-3, that tightly binds to the bromodomain present in BRG1/BRM and the...

  3. Expression data from maize stems attacked by European corn borer (ECB, Ostrinia nubilalis) larvae OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-46475

    Date Released: 12-14-2015

    Description: ECB larvae remain damaging pests of conventiational maize production. To better understand the physiological and molecular changes occuring in stem ti...

  4. NSD3-short is an adaptor protein that couples BRD4 to the CHD8 chromatin remodeler OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-71186

    Date Released: 12-18-2015

    Description: This SuperSeries is composed of the SubSeries listed below. Refer to individual Series

  5. Effect of YAP overexpression on HuCCT1 cholangiocarcinoma cell line transcriptome (YAP overexpression) OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-61764

    Date Released: 12-13-2015

    Description: The YAP pathway in regulating organ size by integrating external signals to control the expression of genes involved in cell proliferation. YAP is kno...

  6. AKT Inhibition Promotes Non-autonomous Cancer Cell Survival [RNA-Seq] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-71900

    Date Released: 12-12-2015

    Description: Small-molecule inhibitors of AKT signaling are being in evaluated in patients with various cancer types, but have so far proven therapeutically disapp...

  7. Espression data of control and heat-stressed Arabidopsis WT, hd2c-3, brm-1 and brm-1 hd2c-3 plants OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75646

    Date Released: 12-13-2015

    Description: Studies in yeast and animals have revealed that histone deacetylases (HDACs) often act as components of multiprotein complexes, including chromatin re...

  8. Effects of BMPR2 Loss in Human Pulmonary Artery Endothelial Cells OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-70456

    Date Released: 12-13-2015

    Description: Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a fatal disease characterized by a proliferative endothelial cell phenotype, inflammation and pulmonary vascu...

  9. Endometrial gene expression in recurrent implantation failure after IVF OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-2591

    Date Released: 12-12-2015

    Description: Patient-control group project investigating recurrent failure of embryo-implantation by expression analysis of endometrium biopsies

  10. Human Embryoid Body Transcriptomes Reveal Maturation Differences Influenced by Size and Formation in Custom Microarrays OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74792

    Date Released: 12-12-2015

    Description: Stem cell differentiation strategies and optimization for generating lineage-specific cells and tissues most frequently rely on a three-dimensional em...

  11. Genome-wide mapping of Mef2c-bound sites in early B-cell progenitors OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73453

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: The sequential activation of distinct developmental gene networks governs the ultimate identity of a cell, but the mechanisms by which downstream prog...

  12. RNA-sequencing analysis of 5' capped RNAs identifies novel differentially expressed genes in sessile serrated colon polyps (SSPs) OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-46513

    Date Released: 12-18-2015

    Description: RNA-sequencing of SSP RNA from patients with serrated polyposis syndrome identifies VSIG1 and MUC17 as potential diagnostic markers for SSPs 5' capped...

  13. Genome-wide occupancy of Rif1FH in mouse ESC OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-3502

    Date Released: 12-15-2015

    Description: Mammalian Rif1 defines the architecture of replication-timing domains interactions through the three-dimensional organization of the nuclear volume. D...

  14. Chromosome conformation capture in Rif1 null pMEFs OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-3505

    Date Released: 12-15-2015

    Description: Mammalian Rif1 defines the architecture of replication-timing domains interactions through the three-dimensional organization of the nuclear volume.

  15. Saturating mutagenesis with assembled CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complexes. OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4143

    Date Released: 12-15-2015

    Description: The CRISPR-Cas9 system enables efficient sequence-specific mutagenesis for creating germline mutants of model organisms. Key constraints in vivo remai...

  16. SHEF1.3-derived retinal pigment epithelium for cell therapy is free of stem cell contaminants OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4154

    Date Released: 12-18-2015

    Description: Safety is the principle consideration with any clinical program, for which hESC and their derived products hold specific challenges. Differentiated c...

  17. Aedes aegypti Cry11Aa intoxication curve transcriptome OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74785

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: Transcriptomic analysis of mosquito larvae exposed to LC50 of Cry11Aa toxin from Bti at different times was conducted to determine defense response pa...

  18. IRF4, a master transcription factor, regulates genes involved in BCR signaling, antigen processing and presentation, and GC development OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-64270

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: This SuperSeries is composed of the SubSeries listed below. Refer to individual Series

  19. Reconstruction of microRNA/genes transcriptional regulatory networks of multiple myeloma through in silico integrative genomics analysis OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-70323

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: This SuperSeries is composed of the SubSeries listed below. Refer to individual Series

  20. IRF4, a master transcription factor, regulates genes involved in BCR signaling, antigen processing and presentation, and GC development [ChIP-chip] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-64268

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: Interferon regulatory factor 4 (IRF4) is a master transcription factor required for the maturation of germinal center B cells that eventually develop ...

  21. MLL-rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemias upregulate BCL-2 through H3K79 methylation and are highly sensitive to the BCL-2 specific antagonist ABT-... OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74812

    Date Released: 12-18-2015

    Description: We present ChIP-seq in the t(4;11) cell line SEM for different components of the MLL-AF4 complex as well as other chromatin proteins Examination of 5 ...

  22. Gene expression analysis to identify Klf2 target genes in B-cell progenitors [Klf2_KO] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73560

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: The sequential activation of distinct developmental gene networks governs the ultimate identity of a cell, but the mechanisms by which downstream prog...

  23. Spo11-oligo mapping in S. cerevisiae Ctf19/CCAN kinetochore sub-complex mutant mcm21 OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-72683

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: During meiosis, crossover recombination is essential to link homologous chromosomes and drive faithful chromosome segregation. Crossover recombination...

  24. Expression data on human MO-to-DC and MO-to-MAC differentiation OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75938

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: Comparison of the RNA expression profiles of CD14+ monocytes from human peripheral blood with derived dendritic cells (DCs) and macrophages (MACs) obt...

  25. Identification of MEF2B, EBF1, and IL6R as chromosome bound targets of EBNA1 essential for EBV infected B-lymphocyte survival OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73887

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: EBNA1 is the EBV-encoded nuclear antigen required for viral episome maintenance during latency. EBNA1 is a sequence specific DNA binding protein with...

  26. The propagation of perturbations in shuffled bacterial gene networks OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-3233

    Date Released: 12-17-2015

    Description: This dataset contains transcription profiles of TOP10 E.coli transformed with 85 rewired network plasmids first described in: Evolvability and hierar...

  27. Genome-wide ChIP-seq binding profiles and linked gene expression arrays [array] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-64068

    Date Released: 12-12-2015

    Description: Pu.1-mutated murine AML cell line X18.1.1 transfected with inducible Pu.1 (PuER) or empty vector (EV) and clonal lines selected. Cells were induced wi...

  28. Novel transcriptome signatures and markers defining murine macrophages at the extremes of the canonical M1 and M2 polarization spectrum OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-69607

    Date Released: 12-12-2015

    Description: Classically (M1) and alternatively activated (M2) macrophages play distinct roles in various physiological and disease processes. Understanding the ge...

  29. Gene expression profiling of normal lung cells and K-RasG12V driven hyperplasias OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-65256

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: We aimed to analyze the transcriptional profile of lung epithelial cells early after the expression of a resident K-RasG12V oncogene. This approach wa...

  30. Expression data of cDNA from the ACHN control and Kindlin-2-depleting cells OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76020

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: Kindlin-2, an integrin-interacting FERM-domain-containing protein, has been known to play critical roles for tumor progression. However, the role of K...

  31. Expression profiles of HepG2 cells treated with low-, high-dose of acetaminophen and solvent control OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-53216

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: The transcriptomics changes induced in the human liver cell line HepG2 by low and high doses of acetaminophen and solvent controls after treatment for...

  32. NSD3-short is an adaptor protein that couples BRD4 to the CHD8 chromatin remodeler (ChIP-Seq) OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-71183

    Date Released: 12-18-2015

    Description: The bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) protein BRD4 is a therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Here, we demonstrate that the AML mainte...

  33. RIP-Chip analysis of the C. elegans FOG-1 and FOG-3 proteins OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73070

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: FOG-1/CPEB and FOG-3/Tob are the terminal regulators of the sex determination in C. elegans germ cells. CPEB and Tob proteins are both translational ...

  34. BMP signaling in mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) in the naïve and primed pluripotent states [RNA-Seq] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-70578

    Date Released: 12-12-2015

    Description: Carrying out both RNA-seq and Smad1/5 genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation and sequencing (ChIP-seq) analyses of mESCs in the naïve or primed st...

  35. RIP-seq of polyribosomal SLBP RNP OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-62076

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: UV cross-linking and immunoprecipiatation with high throughput sequencing of cytoplasmic SLBP RNP Polyclonal α-SLBP antibody was used to immunoprecip...

  36. Molecular patterns of diffuse and nodular parathyroid hyperplasia in long-term hemodialysis OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75886

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: Secondary hyperparathyroidism is well known complication manifested in end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Both nodular and diffuse parathyreoid hyperplas...

  37. Cause and consequence of tethering a sub-TAD to different nuclear compartments OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76174

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: Detailed genomic contact maps have revealed that chromosomes are composed of developmentally stable topologically associated domains (TADs) and more ...

  38. ChIP-seq analysis of MBD3 in human breast cancer cells OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76116

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by massively parallel sequencing (ChIP-seq) is a powerful approach to identify the genome-wide localization of ...

  39. Investigating pathogen defense mechanisms of porcine mammary epithelial cells in vitro. OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-64246

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: Porcine mammary epithelial cell (PMEC) cultures of three lactating sows were treated with potential mastitis-causing pathogens E. coli and S. aureus i...

  40. Growth signals employ CGGBP1 to suppress transcription of Alu-SINEs [Affymetrix] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-54058

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: Alu SINEs are the most numerous frequently occurring transcription units in our genome and possess sequence competence for transcription by RNA Pol II...

  41. Gene expression profiling of human neuroblastoma cell line BE(2)-C with inducible KDM4C expression OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-65966

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: The microarray gene expression profiling reveals that the histone H3 demethylase KDM4C transcriptionally activates the serine-glycine pathway, stress ...

  42. Limiting cholesterol biosynthetic flux engages type I IFN signaling in a STING-dependent manner OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73942

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: Cellular lipid requirements are achieved through a combination of biosynthesis and import programs. Using isotope tracer analysis, we show that type I...

  43. A XEN-like state bridges somatic cells to pluripotency during chemical reprogramming OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73631

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: Pluripotent stem cells can be generated from somatic cells by using pure chemicals.However, the cell fate dynamics and molecular events that occur dur...

  44. Analysis of mRNA of leukocytes before and after exercise in 3 warmblood horses OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76310

    Date Released: 12-25-2015

    Description: Capacity of exercise and performance is the most valuable in the horses. They have been selected for strength, speed, and indurance trait. Athletic ph...

  45. Transcription profiling by array of yeast single and double deletion mutants of gene-specific transcription factors OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-42536

    Date Released: 12-25-2015

    Description: Contains gene expression profiles of yeast single and double deletion mutants of gene-specific transcription factors. Genetic interactions were studie...

  46. The effects of CEP-37440, an inhibitor of focal adhesion kinase, in vitro and in vivo on inflammatory breast cancer cells. OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73285

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: CEP-37440 at low concentration (1,000 nM) decreased the proliferation of the human inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) cell line FC-IBC02, while not affe...

  47. The life history of retrocopies illuminates the evolution of new mammalian genes OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-72236

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: New genes contribute substantially to adaptive evolutionary innovation, but the functional evolution of new mammalian genes has been little explored a...

  48. Somatosensory Neuron Types Identified by High-Coverage Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing and Functional Heterogeneity OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-63576

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: Sensory neurons are distinguished by distinct signaling networks and receptive characteristics. Thus, sensory neuron types can be defined by linking t...

  49. Transcription profiling by array of antibody blockade of IL-17-family cytokines in immunity to acute murine oral mucosal candidiasis OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4167

    Date Released: 12-21-2015

    Description: IL17A KO mouse tongues after 2 days of C. albicans infection were profiled and compared to WT. In addition, tongues from animals infected for 2 days w...

  50. Acetylation of histone H4 at lysine 44 facilitates meiotic recombination by creating accessible chromatin OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-59005

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: This SuperSeries is composed of the SubSeries listed below. Refer to individual Series

  51. Parallel single-cell bisulfite- and RNA-sequencing link transcriptional and epigenetic heterogeneity OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74535

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: This SuperSeries is composed of the SubSeries listed below. Refer to individual Series

  52. Identification of drugs that enhance skin repair using dermal stem cell-based screens [Rat] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73328

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: Here, we asked whether we could identify pharmacological agents that enhance endogenous stem cell function to promote skin repair, focusing on SKPs (s...

  53. Histone deacetylase inhibitors antagonize distinct pathways to suppress tumorigenesis of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74970

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS) is the most common soft tissue cancer in children and is characterized by myogenic differentiation arrest. The progn...

  54. Comparison of gene expression by sheep and human blood stimulated with the TLR4 agonists lipopolysaccharide and monophosphoryl lipid A [sheep] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-72558

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: 11,431 and 4,992 genes were determined in whole blood of healthy human volunteers and normal sheep, respectively following MPLA and LPS exposure Follo...

  55. Identifying transcription start sites and active enhancer elements using BruUV-seq OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75398

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: BruUV-seq utilizes UV light to introduce transcription-blocking DNA lesions randomly in the genome prior to bromouridine-labeling and deep sequencing ...

  56. Identification and characterization of MCF01A circular RNAs [RNA-seq] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-71195

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are widespread circular forms of non-coding RNAs with largely unknown function. Because stimulation of mammary cells with the...

  57. Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling in the superior temporal gyrus reveals epigenetic signatures associated with Alzheimer's disease OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76105

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: Recent work has identified roles for environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors in AD risk. Motivated by suspected roles for epigenetic modificatio...

  58. Response to different types of stress converge in mitochondrial metabolism OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4044

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: The budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae was used to study 9 different stress conditions in chemostat conditions at constant specific growth rate.


    ID: E-GEOD-76182

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: Transcriptional profiling of different clam tissues (hemolymph and mantle) in response to QPX disease and temperautre Quahog Parasite Unknown (QPX) is...

  60. Gene expression profiling of tumor cells and M2 macrophages from WT mice and mice with deletion of integrin beta3 in macrophage lineage cells (b3KOM) OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75882

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: To better understand the impact of integrin beta3 signaling in myeloid cells on the tumor microenvironment, we compared the gene expression profiles o...

  61. A Systems Approach to Understanding Human Rhinovirus and Influenza Virus Infection OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-71766

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: Human rhinovirus and influenza virus infections of the upper airway lead to colds and the flu and can trigger exacerbations of lower airway diseases i...

  62. A serum microRNA panel as potential biomarkers for hepatocellular carcinoma related with hepatitis B virus OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-59418

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: Background: The identification of new high sensitivity and specificity markers for HCC are essential. We aimed to identify serum microRNAs for diagnos...

  63. Quantitative BrdU immunoprecipitation method demonstrates that Fkh1 and Fkh2 are rate-limiting activators of replication origins that reprogram replic... OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-71050

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: The S. cerevisiae Forkhead Box (FOX) proteins, Fkh1 and Fkh2, regulate diverse cellular processes including transcription, long-range DNA interactions...

  64. RNA-seq for monitoring expression changes in absence of chromatin anchoring OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74067

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: RNA-seq for monitoring expression levels in mutants that do not anchor chromatin at the nuclear periphery. RNA-seq of depleted rRNA samples of early e...

  65. RNA Seq in wild type and zfs1 deficient C. albicans OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-53073

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: Members of the tristetraprolin (TTP) family of CCCH tandem zinc finger proteins bind to AU-rich regions in the 3'-untranslated regions (UTR) of target...

  66. RNA Polymerase II-associated factor 1 regulates the release and phosphorylation of paused RNA Polymerase II OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-62171

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: Release of promoter-proximal paused RNA polymerase II (Pol II) during early elongation is a critical step in transcriptional regulation in metazoan ce...

  67. Microarray-based transposon mapping analysis for identification of chlorhexidine resistance genes in Enterococcus faecium E1161 OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4173

    Date Released: 12-23-2015

    Description: Microarray-based Transposon Mapping (M-TraM) of E. faecium E1162 to identify conditionally essential genes, required for growth in the presence of chl...

  68. A microfluidic platform enabling single cell RNA-seq of multigenerational lineages OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74923

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: We introduce a microfluidic platform that enables off-chip single-cell RNA-seq after multigenerationa lineage tracking under controlled culture condit...

  69. LOXL2 dependent genes in RA induced mES differentiation OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-65675

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: Our results indicate that oxidation of TAF10 by LOXL2 induces its release from its promoters, leading to a block in TFIID-dependent gene transcription...

  70. HITS-CLIP of cytoplasmic SLBP RNP OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-61958

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: UV cross-linking and immunoprecipiatation with high throughput sequencing of cytoplasmic SLBP RNP Polyclonal α-SLBP antibody was used to immunoprecip...

  71. Functional characterization of hGRβ Isoform in mouse liver OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75740

    Date Released: 12-27-2015

    Description: We used AAV as a vector to deliver hGRβ to C57BL/6 mouse liver. We collected liver samples for microarray analysis to investigate any phenotype as we...

  72. The role of antigen presenting cells in the induction of HIV-1 latency in resting CD4+ T-cells OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-70106

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: BACKGROUND: Combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) is able to control HIV-1 viral replication, however long-lived latent infection in resting memor...

  73. Dual RNA-seq – sRNA profiling in various cell types OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-67947

    Date Released: 12-20-2015

    Description: Bacteria possess many small noncoding RNAs whose regulatory roles in pathogenesis are little understood due to a paucity of macroscopic phenotypes in ...

  74. Expression data from Amacr knock-out mouse liver OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-40085

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: Bile acids play multiple roles in vertebrate metabolism by facilitating lipid absorption in the intestine and acting as a signaling molecule in lipid ...

  75. mRNA/microRNA expression profiles of HCC or CCC patients' liver, together with those of non-tumor part tissues OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-57555

    Date Released: 12-26-2015

    Description: 11 CCC and 5 HCC patients' tumor and non-tumor parts tissues are extracted. Then total RNA are purified from tissues and mRNA and miRNA profiles are m...

  76. Whole-genome saliva and blood DNA methylation patterns in individuals with a respiratory allergy OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73745

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: It has been suggested that the etiology of respiratory allergies (RA) can be partly explained by DNA methylation changes caused by adverse environment...

  77. Long non-coding RNAs display higher natural expression variability than protein-coding genes in healthy humans OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-70390

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: Background: Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are increasingly implicated as gene regulators and may ultimately be more numerous than protein-coding gene...

  78. Delayed Cardiomyocyte Response to Total Body Particle Radiation Exposure – Identification of Regulatory Gene Network [proton] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-68875

    Date Released: 01-10-2016

    Description: We examined molecular responses using transcriptome profiling in isolated left ventricular murine cardiomyocytes to 90 cGy, 1 GeV proton (1H) and 15 c...

  79. Gene expression in a 3-dimensional reconstructed human corneal epithelial tissue after near-infrared irradiation simulating solar near-infrared radiat... OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76500

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: To clarify the effects of near-infrared radiation, we assessed DNA microarray after water-filtered broad-spectrum near-infrared (1100-1800 nm together...

  80. Degradome sequencing analysis in developing wheat grains OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-65798

    Date Released: 01-10-2016

    Description: We aimed to identify targets of miRNAs during wheat grain development by using degradome sequencing approach. Two degradome libraries were constructed...

  81. Gene expression data from mouse tracheal mesenchymal cells before and 48hrs after SO2 injury OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-69057

    Date Released: 01-10-2016

    Description: The conducting airway epithelium of the rodent and human lung is underlaid by mesenchymal cells that include vasculature, smooth muscle, fibroblasts a...

  82. Transcription profiling of midbrain samples from Ezh2 knockout mouse embryos OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74538

    Date Released: 01-06-2016

    Description: Background: Precise spatiotemporal control of gene expression is essential for the establishment of correct cell numbers and identities during brain ...

  83. Identification of mir-342-3p functionally associated with transcriptional activity of MYC in lung cancer [cell culture] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-66758

    Date Released: 01-08-2016

    Description: Accumulating evidence indicates that altered miRNA expression is crucially involved in lung cancer development, but only little has been elucidated ab...

  84. MicroRNA expression profile of primary prostate cancer stem cells as a source of biomarkers and therapeutic targets OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-59156

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: MicroRNA (miRNA) expression profiles were generated from prostate epithelial sub-populations, enriched from patient-derived benign prostatic hyperplas...

  85. Transcriptome-wide regulation of pre-mRNA splicing and expression by the RNA-binding protein Quaking during monocyte to macrophage differentiation [RN... OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74978

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: Expression levels of the RNA-binding protein Quaking (QKI) are low in monocytes of early, human atherosclerotic lesions, but abundant in macrophages o...

  86. Multiple waves of transcriptome changes during extended hypoxic induction in human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-53510

    Date Released: 01-02-2016

    Description: We profile the expression pattern of human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells (HPMECs) at different time points of hypoxic stress. Through mRNA...

  87. Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of somatic and reproductive tissues of Brassica rapa plants following heat shock stress exposure... OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4131

    Date Released: 01-07-2016

    Description: In the current study we have profiled changes in the transcriptome of somatic and reproductive tissues of B.rapa plants following heat shock stress ex...

  88. Regulation of blood group gene expression by miRNAs OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76526

    Date Released: 01-08-2016

    Description: To determine the miRNA expression pattern in RBCs, we isolated miRNA from RBCs of healthy blood donors, who were homozygous or heterozygous carriers o...

  89. Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of a maize IBM (Intermated B73×Mo17) RIL population derived from the cross of the inbred lines ... OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4227

    Date Released: 01-08-2016

    Description: Gene transcription is an essential step of gene function and transcriptome variation is of agronomical, ecological and evolutionary importance. To exp...

  90. FGFR signature OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73024

    Date Released: 01-08-2016

    Description: Drugs that target specific gene alterations have proven beneficial in the treatment of cancer. Because cancer cells have multiple resistance mechanism...

  91. A conserved factor Dhp1/Rat1/Xrn2 triggers premature transcription termination and nucleates heterochromatin to promote gene silencing OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74741

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: This SuperSeries is composed of the SubSeries listed below. Refer to individual Series

  92. Ubiquitin-dependent turnover of MYC promotes loading of the PAF complex on RNA Polymerase II to drive transcriptional elongation (ChIP-seq) OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-70001

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: The MYC transcription factor is an unstable protein and its turnover is controlled by the ubiquitin system. Ubiquitination enhances MYC-dependent tran...

  93. HT-project: Expression profiling after prolonged experimental febrile seizures suggests structural remodeling in the hippocampus OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-66762

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: Febrile seizures are the most prevalent type of seizures among children up to 5 years of age (2-4% of Western-European children). Complex febrile seiz...

  94. Glucose Metabolic Remodeling through Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase Isoform 2 Regulates Prostate Cancer Cell Tumorigenicity OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76470

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: Patients with aggressive prostate cancer generally present with poor outcomes. Identifying the factors regulating prostate cancer aggressiveness may o...

  95. Expression data analysis from RPMI 8226 cells irraidated to C-ions. OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-76471

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: Multiple Myeloma (MM) is an hematological malignancy. MM cells are resistant to X-ray irradiations. We irradiated RPMI 8226 cancer cells with C-ions, ...

  96. Expression data from C. elegans wild type, hlh-25 mutant and hlh-29 mutant strains OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-65417

    Date Released: 01-10-2016

    Description: In Caenorhabditis elegans, the six proteins that make up the REF-1 family are HES homologs that act in both Notch dependent and Notch-independent path...

  97. A conserved factor Dhp1/Rat1/Xrn2 triggers premature transcription termination and nucleates heterochromatin to promote gene silencing [ChIP-chip] OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-74740

    Date Released: 01-09-2016

    Description: Occupancy profiling of lysine 9 dimethylated histone H3 in fission yeast. Occupancy profiling of Red1, Mtl1, and Mmi1 proteins in fission yeast. Agile...

  98. The chicken erythrocyte epigenome OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-75955

    Date Released: 01-10-2016

    Description: This SuperSeries is composed of the SubSeries listed below. Refer to individual Series

  99. Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of Arabidospsis ref8-1, med5a/5b, and med5a/5b ref8-1 mutants OmicsDI

    ID: E-MTAB-4193

    Date Released: 01-07-2016

    Description: Mutation of the lignin biosynthetic gene REF8, which encodes p-coumaroylshikimate 3'-hydroxylase, causes widespread changes in gene expression in Arab...

  100. Transcription profiling by RNA-seq of fetal liver from poly(C) binding protein 2 (Pcbp2) knockout mice OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-72491

    Date Released: 01-08-2016

    Description: RNA-binding proteins participate in a complex array of post-transcriptional controls essential to cell-type specification and somatic development. De...

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