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  1. NOTCH1 mediates a reciprocal switch between two distinct secretomes during senescence OmicsDI

    ID: PXD004168

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Senescence, a persistent form of cell cycle arrest, is often associated with a diverse secretome, which provides complex downstream functionality for ...

  2. Identification of A. thaliana 2-Cys peroxiredoxins interacting proteins OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003923

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Peroxiredoxins are ubiquitous thiol-dependent peroxidases for which chaperone and signaling roles have been reported in various types of organisms in ...

  3. Direct glycan structure determination of intact N-linked glycopeptides by low-energy collision-induced association tandem mass spectrometry and predic... OmicsDI

    ID: PXD002803

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Intact glycopeptide MS analysis to reveal site-specific protein glycosylation is an important frontier of proteomics. However, computational tools for...

  4. Sulfoxide derivatives of the methionyl peptides in human Jurkat T-lymphocytes OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000013

    Date Released: 02-08-2006

    Description: Not available

  5. RPE-1 and RPE-1 trisomic AHA p-c and steady state data OmicsDI

    ID: PXD004915

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: We developed a pulse-chase method in where fully SILAC (heavy, medium-heavy and Light) labelled cells were pulsed with Azidohomoalanine (AHA) and then...

  6. wt vs daf-2 C. elegans protein turnover OmicsDI

    ID: PXD002317

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Most aging hypotheses revolve around the accumulation of some sort of damage resulting in gradual physiological decline and ultimately death. Avoiding...

  7. Metalloprotease SPRTN/DVC1 Orchestrates Replication-Coupled DNA-Protein Crosslink Removal OmicsDI

    ID: PXD004154

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Cytotoxicity of DNA-protein crosslinks (DPCs) is ascribed largely to their ability to block the progression of DNA replication fork. DPCs are frequent...

  8. Quest for missing proteins in the human spermatozoa: an update OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003947

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Here, we report work as part of C-HPP initiatives on chromosomes 14 (France) and 2 (Switzerland) aiming to identify missing proteins in ejaculated hum...

  9. Proteomic comparison of Chlamydomonas wildtype and calredoxin knock-down mutants via 14N/15N metabolic labeling OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003759

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Calcium (Ca2+) and redox signaling play important roles in acclimation processes from archaea to eukaryotic organisms. Herein we characterized a uniqu...

  10. Proteomic and genomic characterization of a yeast model for Ogden Syndrome OmicsDI

    ID: PXD004923

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Naa10 is a N-terminal acetyltransferase that, in a complex with its auxiliary subunit Naa15, co-translationally acetylates the -amino group of n...

  11. Comprehensive proteomic analysis of human erythropoiesis - experiment 3 over 4 OmicsDI

    ID: PXD004315

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: We performed a proteomic analysis of human erythropoiesis using 4 umbilical cord's blood samples. This study revealed the absolute and quantitative ex...

  12. Ovarian Cancer Proteomics of FFPE Tissue OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003607

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: We have performed in-depth examination of single tissue sections from a collection of FFPE and Frozen treated tumors, as well as cell line material al...

  13. Penicillium oxalicum mutant EU2106 secretome LC-MS/MS OmicsDI

    ID: PXD004046

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Comparative assays of the secretomes of P. oxalicum strains HP7-1 and its mutant EU2106 .

  14. Human HeLa cell lince SILAC OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003813

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: The arginylation branch of the N-end rule pathway positively regulates cellular autophagic flux and clearance of proteotoxic protein

  15. In-depth Analysis of Protein Inference Algorithms using a Workflow Framework and Well-Defined Metrics - iPRG 2008 provided DB analysis OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003956

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: This dataset is no actual new study but the results of the benchmark of the iPRG2008 benchmark dataset used in the manuscript "In-depth Analysis of Pr...

  16. Proteomics Analyses of Mycelium and Cysts of Phytophthora capsici OmicsDI

    ID: PXD002603

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: In this project, we have performed a comparative analysis of the proteomes of the mycelium and cysts of P. capsici. The identified proteins were funct...

  17. Comparative Proteome Analysis in Schizosaccharomyces pombe identifies metabolic targets to improve protein production and secretion OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003016

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: This dataset contains additional experimental results for the determination of the effect of Fluconazole and amino acid supplementation to the NW10 st...

  18. Co-immunoprecipitation of HA-tagged proteins in Giardia lamblia OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003718

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Giardia lamblia's diverged endocytic system was investigated using co-immunoprecipitation of known and conserved endocytic factors which led to the di...

  19. Human exosome proteome OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000117

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: Proteomics study of human urine exosomes. This data describes the proteomic complement of the human exosomal urine fraction from 10 healthy volunteers...

  20. HUPO Kidney and Urine Proteome Project OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000042

    Date Released: 08-08-2008

    Description: Not available

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