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  1. PAH Lung Proteomics OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000291

    Date Released: 05-05-2011

    Description: Differentially expressed proteins from the lungs of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (Abdul-Salam VB et al; Circulation. 2010)

  2. full aerobiosis OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000193

    Date Released: 05-05-2011

    Description: shotgun comparison of aerobiosis to low and high ORP anaerobiosis

  3. Proteomic analysis of integrin-associated complexes OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000148

    Date Released: 12-01-2009

    Description: Fibronectin-induced integrin adhesion complex

  4. AQP8 proteome project OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000279

    Date Released: 08-03-2010

    Description: Wild type and AQP8 Knockout proteomes

  5. CML bosutinib profiling OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000167

    Date Released: 01-07-2010

    Description: Not available

  6. human saliva stress OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000164

    Date Released: 12-01-2009

    Description: Saliva samples were collected 24 hours prior to and no more than 20 minutes after modular egress training simulator (stressor).

  7. The Membrane Proteome of Halobacterium salinarum OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000420

    Date Released: 07-13-2011

    Description: Membrane Proteomics via 1D GeLC-MS/MS

  8. Maize leaf development, bundle sheath OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000190

    Date Released: 04-15-2011

    Description: Band9 maize B73 leaf, Bundle sheath strand section1(0-1.5cm) biological replica1 SDS-PAGE trypsin Orbitrap

  9. Ribosome copy numbers in polysomes and whole leaf OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000141

    Date Released: 12-01-2009

    Description: Protein abundance in Rosette leafs at start of day (2h light)

  10. Proteomic analysis of mitochondrial damage in PBMC of HIV-infected patients OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000820

    Date Released: 07-13-2010

    Description: Not available

  11. Metaproteomics of Microbial Phyllosphere Communities OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000136

    Date Released: 12-01-2009

    Description: replicate 2

  12. Proteome-wide identification of mycobacterial pupylation targets OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000821

    Date Released: 09-14-2010

    Description: Global identification of ¬Ěprokaryotic ubiquitin-like protein¬Ě (PUP) targets from Mycobacteruim

  13. 24hrs IGF-1 OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000178

    Date Released: 04-29-2010

    Description: 24 hr stimulated MCF-7 cells (0,6,12,24 h) labelled with iTRAQ reagents

  14. Maize chloroplast membrane OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000189

    Date Released: 01-25-2010

    Description: Band10 maize WT-W22 leaf tip, chloroplast membrane mesophyl technical replica3 blue native trypsin Orbitrap

  15. C. elegans proteome identified by shotgun analysis OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000097

    Date Released: 06-01-2009

    Description: Not available

  16. 2DLC Duke Milford OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000833

    Date Released: 07-28-2009

    Description: Not available

  17. Neurospora crassa proteome OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000760

    Date Released: 05-04-2007

    Description: Not available

  18. COL1 database samples for the Late Pleistocene of Western Eurasia OmicsDI

    ID: PXD003190

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: The project aimed to characterize the collagen type I (COL1) sequences from various modern, Holocene and Pleistocene bone, antler and skin samples for...


    ID: PXD003712

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: ADP-ribosylation is a dynamic post-translation modification that regulates the early phase of various DNA repair pathways by recruiting repair factors...

  20. PAXX is an accessory c-NHEJ factor that associates with Ku70 and has overlapping functions with XLF OmicsDI

    ID: PXD004659

    Date Released: 01-01-1000

    Description: In mammalian cells, classical non-homologous end joining (c-NHEJ) is critical for DNA double-strand break repair induced by ionizing radiation and dur...

Displaying 20 of 78,288 results for " "