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  1. Amyloid beta OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000651

    Date Released: 07-01-2012

    Description: Not available

  2. Diurnal Dynamics of the Mitochondrial Proteome OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000170

    Date Released: 04-15-2011

    Description: Not available

  3. Phosphoproteome OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000527

    Date Released: 08-08-2011

    Description: HeLa

  4. Biosynthesis of cyanogenic defence compunds in plants and insects OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000404

    Date Released: 03-31-2011

    Description: peaklists for identification of P450s and UGTs from different Zyagaena tissue

  5. Hypocholesterolemic peptide sequences derived from buffalo colostrum ?-lactoglobulin OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000501

    Date Released: 07-26-2012

    Description: Not available

  6. SQSTM1-interacting proteins in human osteoclasts OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000309

    Date Released: 03-04-2012

    Description: SQSTM1-interacting proteins in human osteoclasts

  7. insulin resistance OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000532

    Date Released: 01-16-2012

    Description: Not available

  8. ABA GC OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000409

    Date Released: 01-27-2012


  9. Label free OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000307

    Date Released: 03-05-2012

    Description: usoluble fraction 24h dark

  10. ABRFsprg2010 CNB OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000381

    Date Released: 05-02-2012

    Description: Not available

  11. first analysis OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000676

    Date Released: 10-03-2012

    Description: Not available

  12. Ndd1 phosphorylation pattern upon DNA damage OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000405

    Date Released: 12-19-2013

    Description: The transcriptional activator NDD1 was purified from wt and rad53 or mec1 mutant treated with hydroxyurea or methyl-methanesulfonate via HTB-tag , di...

  13. HLA-B40-peptidome OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000450

    Date Released: 02-03-2014

    Description: HLA class I molecules bind peptides derived from the intracellular degradation of endogenous proteins and present them to cytotoxic T lymphocytes, all...

  14. Plant SILAC: Stable-Isotope Labelling with Amino Acids of Arabidopsis Seedlings for Quantitative Proteomics. OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000713

    Date Released: 01-30-2014

    Description: Stable Isotope Labelling by Amino acids in Cell culture (SILAC) is a powerful technique for comparative quantitative proteomics, which has recently be...

  15. Proteomic analysis of the global response of an arthropod Wolbachia symbiont to doxycycline-induced stress OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000345

    Date Released: 10-21-2013

    Description: The bacterium Wolbachia (order Rickettsiales), representing perhaps the most abundant vertically transmitted microbe worldwide, infects arthropods and...

  16. Human alveolar bone and dental cementum LC-MSMS OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000420

    Date Released: 09-09-2013

    Description: First report of proteomic composition of human matched-samples (n=7) of alveolar bone (AB) and dental cementum (DC). Bone samples were harvested from...

  17. SILAC-based proteomics of human primary endothelial cell morphogenesis unveils tumor angiogenic markers OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000359

    Date Released: 09-04-2013

    Description: Abstract: Proteomics has been successfully used for cell culture on dishes, but more complex cellular systems have proven to be challenging and so far...

  18. human multiple myeloma 2D gel reference map OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000780

    Date Released: 07-28-2009

    Description: Not available

  19. Zea mays Mp313 Rachis Proteomics OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000159

    Date Released: 05-19-2010

    Description: Not available

  20. HUVEC Secretome FFE OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000108

    Date Released: 04-29-2010

    Description: Not available

Displaying 20 of 78,288 results for " "