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  1. Mouse gastrointestinal system mucus nLC-MS/MS OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000271

    Date Released: 07-23-2013

    Description: Comparison of mucus proteins from 6 different segments (from stomach to distal colon). 6 biological replicates, 2 MS replicates. The mucus that protec...

  2. Comprehensive proteomic characterization of the Pea aphid/Buchnera symbiotic system OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000326

    Date Released: 07-02-2013

    Description: This is an extract of aphid proteins. SDS-PAGE followed by Coomassee staining, trypsin in-gel digestion and RP-LC MS/MS

  3. Streptococcus uberis extracellular proteome OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000142

    Date Released: 02-13-2013

    Description: S. uberis proteins from sub-cellular fractions (both cell wall-attached and secreted) were separated with SDS-PAGE, trypsine digested and identified ...

  4. Proteomic characterization of CD56posCD57 NK cell subsets OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000666

    Date Released: 01-23-2013

    Description: NK cells are lymphocytes that provide a first defense against viral infections and cancer. They act (i) cytotoxic by killing virus-infected and tumori...

  5. Human recombinant caspase 2-3-7 OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000557

    Date Released: 08-15-2012

    Description: COFRADIC identification of human recombinant caspase-2, -3, -7 cleavage sites

  6. Team 17 Sanger OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000328

    Date Released: 10-17-2012

    Description: Mouse Brain Membrane

  7. Proteogenomics of Tistlia consotensis OmicsDI

    ID: PXD000094

    Date Released: 12-18-2012

    Description: Tistlia consotensis is a halotolerant Rhodospirillaceae that was isolated from a saline spring located in the Colombian Andes with a salt concentratio...

  8. Pollen proteome map of Arabidopsis thaliana OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000084

    Date Released: 01-31-2012

    Description: Not available

  9. SAHA CCMS OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000443

    Date Released: 10-19-2011

    Description: SAHA CCMS in HepG2

  10. Beta-actin KO OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000522

    Date Released: 05-02-2012

    Description: COFRADIC of a proteome comparing beta-actin KO1 and WT

  11. GrM OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000347

    Date Released: 05-23-2012

    Description: Complementary positional proteomics of human and mouse granzyme M treated K-562 lysates

  12. SuMu homologs OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000685

    Date Released: 07-04-2012

    Description: Mass spectrometry of 21 homologs of SuMu

  13. Goswami_et_al_Proteomics_P0_Murine_Brain_SCX_IMAC OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000632

    Date Released: 06-20-2012

    Description: Goswami_et_al_Proteomics_P0_Murine_Brain_SCX_IMAC_12to16

  14. Proteomic profiling of acute coronary thrombosis reveals a local decrease of PEDF in acute myocardial infarction OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000631

    Date Released: 07-20-2012

    Description: Human blood plasma was depleted using an Agilent Multiple Affinity Removal Hu-6 column

  15. Glucose starvation Bacillus subtilis OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000196

    Date Released: 12-13-2010

    Description: Glucose starvation Bacillus subtilis

  16. MPI OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000272

    Date Released: 09-28-2011

    Description: Mouse Membrane Proteomics

  17. Cyclin interactome OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000407

    Date Released: 09-05-2011

    Description: Quantitative analysis of the Cyclin-A interactome during the cell cycle

  18. Chicken Pipping Muscle Proteomics OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000316

    Date Released: 08-30-2011

    Description: Not available

  19. C57BL6J mice project OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000406

    Date Released: 03-18-2011

    Description: First whole tissue colon proteome for mouse

  20. Living cell surface proteome OmicsDI

    ID: PRD000729

    Date Released: 07-20-2012

    Description: Living cell surface proteome

Displaying 20 of 78,201 results for " "