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  1. Whole-Genome Sequencing of Acute Myeloid Leukemia dbGaP

    ID: phs000159.v7.p4

    Description: We used massively parallel sequencing technology to sequence the genomic DNA of tumor cells (leukemic bone marrow) and normal cells (skin biopsy) obta...

  2. Genetic Components of Knee Osteoarthritis (GeCKO) Study: OAI dbGaP

    ID: phs000955.v1.p1

    Description: The Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI) is a publicly and privately funded prospective longitudinal cohort with a primary objective of identifying risk fa...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  3. UCD Imaging Study dbGaP

    ID: phs001296.v1.p1

    Description: This project studies cognitive and motor dysfunction in adult and pediatric patients who are female carriers of ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency ...

  4. Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Cohort dbGaP

    ID: phs000280.v2.p1

    Description: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study, sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), is a prospective epidemiologi...

  5. NHLBI GO-ESP: Family Studies (Mendelian Lipid Disorders) dbGaP

    ID: phs000587.v1.p1

    Description: The NHLBI "Grand Opportunity" Exome Sequencing Project (GO-ESP), a signature project of the NHLBI Recovery Act investment, was designed to identify ge...

    Study Types: Case Set

  6. eMERGE Network Imputed GWAS for 41 phenotypes dbGaP

    ID: phs000888.v1.p1

    Description: The electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network is a consortium of ten participating sites (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Ce...

  7. Genomic Sequencing of Cervical Cancers dbGaP

    ID: phs000600.v1.p1

    Description: Cervical cancer is responsible for 10-15% of cancer related deaths in women worldwide. The etiological role of infection with high-risk human papillom...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  8. NHLBI GO-ESP: Lung Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (Asthma) dbGaP

    ID: phs000422.v1.p1

    Description: The NHLBI "Grand Opportunity" Exome Sequencing Project (GO-ESP), a signature project of the NHLBI Recovery Act investment, was designed to identify ge...

    Study Types: Case Set

  9. Geisinger Health System - MyCode, eMERGE III Exome Chip dbGaP

    ID: phs000957.v1.p1

    Description: DNA samples were obtained from participants of the Geisinger MyCode biobank. Phenotype data to determine case or control status for abdominal aortic a...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  10. Clinical Cancer Sequencing dbGaP

    ID: phs000694.v2.p1

    Description: Translating whole exome sequencing (WES) for prospective clinical use may impact the care of cancer patients; however, multiple innovations are necess...

    Study Types: Case Set

  11. The Neonatal Microbiome and NEC dbGaP

    ID: phs000247.v2.p2

    Description: The Neonatal Microbiome and Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) study is a multi-centered case control study testing the hypothesis that NEC is a direct ...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  12. VitGene Generalized Vitiligo Genetics Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000224.v2.p1

    Description: Generalized vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which melanocyte loss results in patchy depigmentation of skin and hair. For this second GWAS of gene...

  13. NHLBI GO-ESP: Lung Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (Cystic Fibrosis) dbGaP

    ID: phs000254.v1.p1

    Description: The NHLBI "Grand Opportunity" Exome Sequencing Project (GO-ESP), a signature project of the NHLBI Recovery Act investment, was designed to identif...

  14. Phylogenetic Analyses Reveal Complex Patterns of Melanoma Metastasis dbGaP

    ID: phs000941.v1.p1

    Description: Subpopulations of cells in a primary melanoma can disseminate and establish metastases. Still, the precise ancestral relationship between primary tumo...

    Study Types: Tumor vs. Matched-Normal

  15. Heart and Vascular Health Study (HVH) dbGaP

    ID: phs001013.v1.p1

    Description: Objectives The Heart and Vascular Health Study (HVH) is a case-control study of risk factors for the development of myocardial infarction (MI), stroke...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  16. Cell types and lineages of hESC-derived brain cells dbGaP

    ID: phs001205.v1.p1

    Description: During development of the human brain, multiple cell types with diverse regional identities are generated. Here we report a system to generate early h...

  17. University of Michigan Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) dbGaP

    ID: phs000673.v1.p1

    Description: Overview. The personalization of therapy for cancer will require molecular characterization of unique and shared genetic aberrations. In particular, p...

    Study Types: Case Set

  18. Genomic Characterization of Meningiomas dbGaP

    ID: phs000552.v1.p1

    Description: Meningiomas are the most common primary brain tumor in the US. Although the tumor suppressor gene NF2 is disrupted in approximately half of meningioma...

    Study Types: Case Set

  19. Germline Sequencing for Aggressive Prostate Carcinoma dbGaP

    ID: phs000661.v1.p1

    Description: This study aims to elucidate the genetic determinants of susceptibility to aggressive prostate carcinoma. To this end, germ line whole exome sequence ...

    Study Types: Case Set

  20. Genomic Analysis of Mycosis Fungoides and S├ęzary Syndrome dbGaP

    ID: phs000913.v1.p1

    Description: Mycosis Fungoides (MF) and Sézary Syndrome (Sz) comprise the majority of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) cases and are characterized by clinical...

  21. GWAS on Cataract and HDL in the PMRP dbGaP

    ID: phs000170.v2.p1

    Description: The primary goals of this project are to develop and validate electronic phenotyping algorithms, to accurately identify cases and controls while maint...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  22. Identification of Recurrent SMO and BRAF Mutations in Ameloblastomas dbGaP

    ID: phs000739.v1.p1

    Description: RNA-seq data from two cases of ameloblastoma was analyzed for candidate gene fusions and point mutations. Recurrent point mutations identified in the ...

    Study Types: Cohort

  23. Biology and Molecular Analysis of Human Hematopoiesis Genetics dbGaP

    ID: phs000474.v3.p2

    Description: In this study we have performed exome sequencing using the hybrid capture method that has previously been described (Gnirke et al., Nature Biotechnolo...

  24. CPTAC Proteogenomic Confirmatory Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000892.v5.p1

    Description: Recently, significant progress has been made in characterizing and sequencing the genomic alterations in statistically robust numbers of samples from ...

  25. Exome Chip Study of NIMH Controls dbGaP

    ID: phs000630.v1.p1

    Description: Here, we report exome chip genotyping results of 1052 samples from the NIMH control set, a collection of healthy controls for general research use. Th...

    Study Types: Control Set

  26. Baylor Hopkins Center for Mendelian Genomics (BH CMG) dbGaP

    ID: phs000711.v2.p1

    Description: The Centers for Mendelian Genomics project uses next-generation sequencing and computational approaches to discover the genes and variants that underl...

    Study Types: Mixed

  27. Epi4K: Gene Discovery in 4,000 Epilepsy Genomes dbGaP

    ID: phs000653.v2.p1

    Description: The Epi4K project began in 2011 as an international, multi-center study that seeks to identify and characterize the genetic bases of complex epilepsie...

  28. NCI Cancer Genome Characterization Initiative (CGCI) dbGaP

    ID: phs000235.v4.p1

    Description: The Office of Cancer Genomics at the National Cancer Institute is sponsoring a series of studies as part of the Cancer Genome Characterization Initiat...

  29. Family-Based Study on Ulcerative Colitis with Whole Exome Sequencing dbGaP

    ID: phs001251.v1.p1

    Description: Genetic risk factors for ulcerative colitis are not well understood. We performed a family-based whole exome sequencing analysis to identify potential...

    Study Types: Family

  30. The Cardiopulmonary Effects of Particulate Exposure dbGaP

    ID: phs000968.v1.p1

    Description: The study was initially designed as a longitudinal cohort study of cardiovascular effects of particulate exposure. Participants were boilermaker const...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  31. Multiple Myeloma CoMMpass Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000748.v4.p3

    Description: The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) CoMMpass (Relating Clinical Outcomes in MM to Personal Assessment of Genetic Profile) trial (NCT014542...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  32. NIA Long Life Family Study (LLFS) dbGaP

    ID: phs000397.v1.p1

    Description: The Long Life Family Study (LLFS) is an international collaborative study of the genetics and familial components of exceptional survival, longevity, ...

    Study Types: Family

  33. PREDICT-HD Huntington Disease Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000222.v4.p2

    Description: The purpose of this project is to make clinical measurements from the PREDICT-HD consortium available through the dbGaP mechanism. The phenotype data ...

  34. Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer GWAS dbGaP

    ID: phs001002.v1.p1

    Description: The Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) 90401 trial compared docetaxel and prednisone with or without bevacizumab in men with metastatic castration-re...

    Study Types: Cohort

  35. Alcohol Dependence GWAS in European- and African Americans dbGaP

    ID: phs000425.v1.p1

    Description: This study includes SSADDA (Semi Structured Assessment for Drug Dependence and Alcoholism) assessed subjects (mostly unrelated, but including some aff...

  36. Epigenetic Profiling of Human Colorectal Cancer dbGaP

    ID: phs000385.v1.p1

    Description: DNA methylation, together with chromatin modifications, constitute the epigenome that functions to regulate gene expression and genome integrity. DNA ...

    Study Types: Case Set

  37. BCM Advancing Sequencing in Childhood Cancer Care Study (BASIC3) dbGaP

    ID: phs001026.v1.p1

    Description: The BASIC3 (Baylor College of Medicine Advancing Sequencing in Childhood Cancer Care) study is a National Genome Human Research Institute (NHGRI) and ...

    Study Types: Longitudinal

  38. PGC: the PUWMa GWAS of ADHD dbGaP

    ID: phs000358.v1.p1

    Description: The PUWMa GWAS of ADHD is a multi-site collaboration initiated to conduct a family-based association study from existing research samples. The sou...

    Study Types: Parent-Offspring Trios

  39. Somatic Mutation Load in Clones of Single Human Cells dbGaP

    ID: phs001182.v1.p1

    Description: Accumulation of genetic changes with time and proliferation of cells is inevitable. We report here the genome-wide magnitude and spectra of mutations ...

    Study Types: Control Set

  40. NCI Cancer Genome Characterization Initiative (CGCI) dbGaP

    ID: phs000235.v5.p1

    Description: The Office of Cancer Genomics at the National Cancer Institute is sponsoring a series of studies as part of the Cancer Genome Characterization Initiat...

  41. NCI Cancer Genome Characterization Initiative (CGCI) dbGaP

    ID: phs000235.v3.p1

    Description: The Office of Cancer Genomics at the National Cancer Institute is sponsoring a series of studies as part of the Cancer Genome Characterization Initia...

    Study Types: Tumor vs. Matched-Normal

  42. Alcohol Research using Australian twins and their families (OZ-ALC) dbGaP

    ID: phs000181.v1.p1

    Description: The Australian twin-family study of alcohol use disorder (OZALC study) derives from telephone diagnostic interview studies of two general population v...

  43. Applying Genomic Sequencing in Pediatrics (PediSeq) dbGaP

    ID: phs000935.v1.p1

    Description: The purpose of this research study is to learn more about newer types of genetic testing called whole exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing. Cu...

  44. CGEMS Breast Cancer GWAS dbGaP

    ID: phs000147.v2.p1

    Description: The initial stage of the Cancer Genetic Markers of Susceptibility (CGEMS) breast cancer genome-wide association study (GWAS) included genotyping 528,1...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  45. DNA Methylation Analysis of Prostate Cancer dbGaP

    ID: phs000597.v1.p1

    Description: Aberrant DNA methylation changes are known to occur during prostate cancer progression beginning with precursor lesions. Utilizing fifty nanograms of ...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  46. Single Cell Analysis Program - Transcriptome (SCAP-T) dbGaP

    ID: phs000833.v4.p1

    Description: This initiative is part of the Single Cell Analysis Program (SCAP) and is funded through the NIH Common Fund (See, which s...

    Study Types: Single Cell Analysis

  47. NINDS Stroke Genetics Network (SiGN) dbGaP

    ID: phs000615.v1.p1

    Description: The NINDS Stroke Genetics Network (SiGN) is a large international collaboration designed to detect genetic variants that predispose to subtypes of isc...

    Study Types: Case-Control

  48. NHLBI Exome Sequencing in SCID dbGaP

    ID: phs000479.v1.p1

    Description: Analysis of the molecular etiologies of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) has led to important insights into the control of immune cell developm...

    Study Types: Parent-Offspring Trios

  49. NHLBI GO-ESP: Heart Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (SWISS) dbGaP

    ID: phs000327.v1.p1

    Description: The NHLBI "Grand Opportunity" Exome Sequencing Project (GO-ESP), a signature project of the NHLBI Recovery Act investment, was designed to identify ge...

  50. PGRN-RIKEN MA.27 Mayo Aromatase Inhibitor Musculoskeletal Adverse Events Study dbGaP

    ID: phs000210.v1.p1

    Description: Source of Patients The source of the patients for this genome-wide case control study was MA.27, which was conducted as a multi-cooperative group ef...

    Study Types: Nested Case-Control

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