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  1. Solution structure of Fn14 CRD domain BMRB

    ID: 11346

    Creator: He, F. Dang, W. Muto, Y. Inoue, M. Kigawa, T. Shirouzu, M. Terada, T. Yokoyama, S.

    Release Date: 12-08-2010

  2. Solution structure of the plus-3 domain of human KIAA0252 protein BMRB

    ID: 11330

    Creator: Yoneyama, M. Kigawa, T. Tochio, N. Nameki, N. Koshiba, S. Inoue, M. Yokoyama, S.

    Release Date: 12-07-2010

  3. Solution structure of the B-box domain of the zinc finger FYVE domain-containing protein 19 from Mus musculus BMRB

    ID: 11328

    Creator: Miyamoto, K. Kigawa, T. Sato, M. Koshiba, S. Inoue, M. Yokoyama, S.

    Release Date: 12-07-2010

  4. Solution structure of the PH domain of Dynamin-2 from human BMRB

    ID: 11088

    Creator: Li, H. Sato, M. Tochio, N. Koshiba, S. Watanabe, S. Harada, T. Kigawa, T. Yokoyama, S.

    Release Date: 11-30-2010

  5. NMR structure of Grb2 SH2 domain complexed with the inhibitor BMRB

    ID: 11055

    Creator: Ogura, K. Shiga, T. Yokochi, M. Yuzawa, S. Inagaki, F.

    Release Date: 12-01-2008


    ID: 11009

    Creator: Truffault, V. Coles, M. Tritschler, F.

    Release Date: 12-05-2007

  7. Solution structure of the TIR domain of human MyD88 BMRB

    ID: 11078

    Creator: Ohnishi, H. Tochio, H. Hiroaki, H. Kondo, N. Kato, Z. Shirakawa, M.

    Release Date: 12-02-2009

  8. 1H chemical shift assignment for big defensin BMRB

    ID: 11022

    Creator: Kouno, T. Fujitani, N. Osaki, T. Kawabata, S. Nishimura, S. Mizuguchi, M. Aizawa, T. Demura, M. Nitta, K. Kawano, K.

    Release Date: 10-31-2007

  9. Studies of Individual Carbon Sites of Proteins in Solution by Natural Abundance Carbon 13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy BMRB

    ID: 1109

    Creator: Oldfield, E. Norton, R.S. Allerhand, A.

    Release Date: 12-06-2014

  10. Solution structure of the N-terminal soluble domains of Bacillus subtilis CopA BMRB

    ID: 11011

    Creator: Singleton, C. Banci, L. Bertini, I. Ciofi-Baffoni, S. Tenori, L. Kihlken, M.A. Boetzel, R. Le Brun, N.E.

    Release Date: 12-05-2007

  11. DPC micelle bound structure of 1-28 GBP (growth-blocking peptide) BMRB

    ID: 11070

    Creator: Umetsu, Y. Aizawa, T. Muto, K. Yamamoto, H. Kamiya, M. Kumaki, Y. Mizuguchi, M. Demura, M. Hayakawa, Y. Kawano, K.

    Release Date: 11-30-2009

  12. Solution structure of the BTK motif of tyrosine-protein kinase ITK from human BMRB

    ID: 11093

    Creator: Li, H. Tochio, N. Koshiba, S. Watanabe, S. Harada, T. Kigawa, T. Yokoyama, S.

    Release Date: 11-30-2010

  13. NMR solution structure of [G5,T7,S9]-oxytocin BMRB

    ID: 11543

    Creator: Harvey, P.J. Craik, D.J.

    Release Date: 10-30-2013

  14. Backbone 1H, 13C, and 15N assignments of yeast Ump1, an intrinsically disordered protein operating as proteasome assembly chaperone BMRB

    ID: 11526

    Creator: Uekusa, Y. Okawa, K. Yagi-Utsumi, M. Serve, O. Nakagawa, Y. Mizushima, T. Yagi, H. Saeki, Y. Tanaka, K. Kato, K.

    Release Date: 10-30-2012

  15. Copper(I) loaded form of the first domain of the human copper chaperone for SOD1, CCS BMRB

    ID: 11502

    Creator: Banci, L. Bertini, I. Cantini, F. Kozyreva, T. Rubino, J.T.

    Release Date: 12-03-2012

  16. Sequence-specific 1H-NMR assignment and conformation of proteolytic fragment 163-231 of bacterioopsin BMRB

    ID: 1162

    Creator: Barsukov, I.L. Abdulaeva, G.V. Arseniev, A.S. Bystrov, V.F.

    Release Date: 12-05-2009

  17. One- and two-dimensional proton NMR studies of cys-102 S-methylated yeast isozyme-1 ferricytochrome c BMRB

    ID: 1192

    Creator: Busse, S.C. Moench, S.J. Satterlee, J.D.

    Release Date: 12-05-2009

  18. 1H-NMR sequential assignments and cation-binding studies of spinach plastocyanin BMRB

    ID: 120

    Creator: Driscoll, P.C. Hill, H.ALLEN.O. Redfield, C.

    Release Date: 12-05-2009

  19. Nuclear-magnetic-resonance investigations of the biliverdin-apomyoglobin complex BMRB

    ID: 1200

    Creator: Marko, H. Muller, N. Falk, H.

    Release Date: 12-05-2009

  20. The chemical shift assignments of the headpiece subdomain of chicken villin protein under the diluted condition BMRB

    ID: 11519

    Creator: Tochio, N. Kigawa, T.

    Release Date: 12-01-2012

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