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  1. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13094 CIL

    ID: 13094

    Description: Time series of cooled CCD fluorescence micrographs of live amoeba syringe-loaded with Rho-N58C-PII. See publication below for details. Live cells were...

    Data Types: image

  2. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:1309 CIL

    ID: 1309

    Description: High resolution image of immunogold b-tubulin labeled ribbons that extend from the cytopharynx and have discoidal vesicles bound to their kinetic side...

    Data Types: image

  3. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13154 CIL

    ID: 13154

    Description: A tangential section through the cell’s surface show the pairs of basal bodies in cross section. The ends of kinetodesmal fibers point anteriorly in...

    Data Types: image

  4. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13159 CIL

    ID: 13159

    Description: Multiple NIH-3T3 fibroblasts undergoing 1D fibrillar migration. Cells were plated on polyvinyl alchohol (PVA) coated coverslips that had been patterne...

    Data Types: image

  5. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13111 CIL

    ID: 13111

    Description: Cross section through a radial arm of the contractile vacuole complex. The collecting canal occupies the center of the arm whose membrane is supported...

    Data Types: image

  6. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:37148 CIL

    ID: 37148

    Description: Transmission electron micrograph of ribonucleic (RNP) particles with EDTA from a cell fractionation from a guinea pig pancreas. Image made available ...

    Data Types: image

  7. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13452 CIL

    ID: 13452

    Description: Kre2-GFP is not efficiently maintained in the Golgi apparatus in BY4742 vps74∆ expressing Vps74 with mutations in the sulfate-binding pocket (W88A R...

    Data Types: image

  8. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13118 CIL

    ID: 13118

    Description: High resolution image of the decorated spongiome is composed of 50nm tubules that have a pattern of helically wound subunits attached to their cytosol...

    Data Types: image

  9. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13389 CIL

    ID: 13389

    Description: This image is one of a group of 4 images that supports the conclusion that hRio2 kinase activity is required for cytoplasmic 18S-E pre-rRNA processing...

    Data Types: image

  10. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13449 CIL

    ID: 13449

    Description: Intracellular localization of GFP-Vps74 in BY4742 vps74∆. GFP-Vps74 is localized to Golgi compartments and the cytosol. Control image for images sho...

    Data Types: image

  11. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13160 CIL

    ID: 13160

    Description: Topographical regulation of keratinocyte migration. 2D, 3D, and 1D fibrillar migration of human epidermal keratinocytes. 2D matrices were constructed ...

    Data Types: image

  12. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13372 CIL

    ID: 13372

    Description: Z focal series of Bod-1 depleted HeLa cell at mitotic metaphase stained for DNA (blue), Aurora B (green) and tubulin (red). Bod1 is a protein that as...

    Data Types: image

  13. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13376 CIL

    ID: 13376

    Description: Z-focal series through HeLa cell in mitosis illustrating MCAK localization in Bod1siRNA cells. Cells were transfected with control (CIL: 13377) or Bo...

    Data Types: image

  14. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13124 CIL

    ID: 13124

    Description: A high resolution micrograph of the collecting canal of the contractile vacuole surrounded by smooth spongiome remnants and decorated tubules of the C...

    Data Types: image

  15. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:13436 CIL

    ID: 13436

    Description: FISH detection of ERBB2 (florescein, green) and MYC (rhodamine, red) in normal breast tissue. Nuclei counterstained with DAPI (blue). Tissue was fixed...

    Data Types: image

  16. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36063 CIL

    ID: 36063

    Description: Figure 431 from Chapter 16 (Cytoplasmic matrix and cytoskeleton) of 'The Cell, 2nd Ed.' by Don W. Fawcett M.D. Asynchronous flight muscle of the fly ...

    Data Types: image

  17. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36090 CIL

    ID: 36090

    Description: The image shows the surface of the ribbon-like myofibrils, with some remnants of the SR attached mostly at the Z lines. The regular disposition of at...

    Data Types: image

  18. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36286 CIL

    ID: 36286

    Description: The scopula, stalk-forming region, is outlined by a circle of basal bodies that produce short modified cilia. Other basal bodies lie within this circl...

    Data Types: image

  19. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36280 CIL

    ID: 36280

    Description: Vorticella convallaria has a contractile stalk that arises from the aboral pole of the cell. The myonemes from the body converge at this pole and pass...

    Data Types: image

  20. Cell Image Library Dataset CIL:36414 CIL

    ID: 36414

    Description: Intracellular dye injections of protoplasmic astrocytes from the CA1 region of hippocampus of a 1-week old rat reveals highly ramified spongiform proc...

    Data Types: image

Displaying 20 of 10,255 results for " "