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  1. 1H, 13C, and 15N chemical shift assignments for Thermus thermophilus HB8 TTHA1718 protein BMRB

    ID: 11035

    Creator: Sakakibara, D. Sasaki, A. Ikeya, T. Hamatsu, J. Koyama, H. Mishima, M. Mikawa, T. Waelchli, M. Smith, B.O. Shirakawa, M. Guentert, P. Ito, Y.

    Release Date: 12-02-2008

  2. Disulfide-free variant of hen lysozyme: 0SS BMRB

    ID: 11051

    Creator: Sakamoto, K. Hirai, K. Kitamura, Y. Yamazaki, K. Yusa, M. Tokunaga, N. Doi, G. Noda, Y. Tachibana, H. Segawa, S.

    Release Date: 12-05-2010

  3. Solution structure of domains 3 and 4 of human ATP7B BMRB

    ID: 11041

    Creator: Banci, L. Bertini, I. Cantini, F. Rosenzweig, A.C. Yatsunyk, L.A.

    Release Date: 12-06-2007

  4. Solution structure of mouse lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase possessing a intrinsic disulfide bond. BMRB

    ID: 11062

    Creator: Miyamoto, Y. Nishimura, S. Inui, T.

    Release Date: 12-01-2009

  5. NMR structure of the antimicrobial peptide RP-1 bound to SDS micelles BMRB

    ID: 11002

    Creator: Bourbigot, S. Booth, V. Dodd, E. Horwood, C. Welch, W.H. Sharma, S. Waring, A.J. Yeaman, M.R.

    Release Date: 12-04-2009

Displaying 5 of 2,644 results for " "