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  1. Investigating the functional morphology of genitalia during copulation in the grasshopper Melanoplus rotundipennis (Scudder, 1878) via correlative mic... MorphoBank

    ID: doi:10.7934/P2517

    Release Date: 03-06-2017

  2. A new megalosaurid theropod dinosaur from the late Middle Jurassic (Callovian) of north-western Germany: implications for theropod evolution and fauna... MorphoBank

    ID: doi:10.7934/P2368

    Release Date: 09-23-2016

  3. A non-invasive geometric morphometrics method for exploring variation in dorsal head shape in urodeles: sexual dimorphism and geographic variation in ... MorphoBank

    ID: doi:10.7934/P2569

    Release Date: 03-30-2017

  4. Phylogenetic analyses of marine sponges withing the order Verongida: a comparison of morphological and molecular data [X24010] (matrix) MorphoBank

    ID: doi:10.7934/X24010

    Release Date: 08-03-2016

  5. The origin of large-bodied shrimp that dominate modern global aquaculture (project) MorphoBank

    ID: doi:10.7934/P2282

    Release Date: 06-28-2016

Displaying 5 of 51,184 results for " "