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  1. Therapy code list - Oral corticosteroid codes LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.158

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  2. Therapy code list - asthma treatment codes LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.153

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  3. Clinical code list - COPD codes LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.165

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  4. Therapy code list - PDE5 inhibitors LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.144

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  5. IDEAS project - Feasibility study for a Data Informed Platform for Health in Ethiopia LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.171

    Release Date: 03-21-2017

  6. Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) data analysis scripts LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.31

    Release Date: 01-27-2016

  7. Cancer Survival Group: UK Life Tables LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.23

    Release Date: 12-07-2015

  8. Casual and close contact data for buildings in South Africa and Zambia LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.28

    Release Date: 01-22-2016

  9. Texting Sexual Health Pilot - Interview Guide LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.101

    Release Date: 04-28-2016

  10. PhyloTrack LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.82

    Release Date: 02-19-2016

  11. "It Is Like That, We Didn't Understand Each Other": Exploring the Influence of Patient-Provider Interactions on Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmis... LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.37

    Release Date: 02-08-2016

  12. Countdown ODA+ Dataset LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.107

    Release Date: 08-04-2016

  13. IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in Uttar Pradesh LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.115

    Release Date: 09-20-2016

  14. Data from a cluster randomized trial in Uganda concerning the management of fever cases in public health faclilities LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.121

    Release Date: 10-21-2016

  15. IDEAS project - Study of behaviour change in maternal and newborn care in Northeast Nigeria LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.125

    Release Date: 02-15-2017

  16. LSHTM Data Compass Statistics Report - 2016 LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.132

    Release Date: 02-02-2017

  17. Change in maternal and newborn health care. Report from two cross-sectional surveys in six districts of Uttar Pradesh, India, 2012-2015. LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.113

    Release Date: 09-10-2016

  18. Clinical code list - Colorectal cancer LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.139

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  19. Clinical code list - Herpes zoster codes LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.147

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  20. Clinical code list - Other immunosuppressive diseases codes LSHTM

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.152

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

Displaying 20 of 78,319 results for " "