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  1. Using Whole-Exome Sequencing to Identify Inherited Causes of Autism NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1163511

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  2. A protein interaction network of alternatively-spliced isoforms from brain links genetic risk factors for autism NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1163516

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  3. Whole-genome sequencing in autism identifies hot spots for de novo germline mutation. NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1163548

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  4. Cross-trial prediction of treatment outcome in depression: a machine learning approach NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1334294

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  5. Variant Recalling (GATK) from Whole Exome Sequencing data for 2415 families in SSC Collection NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1169195

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  6. Derivation of Brain Structure Volumes from MRI Neuroimages hosted by NDAR using LONI Workflows NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1169189

    Release Date: 03-08-2016

  7. Cortical underconnectivity coupled with preserved visuospatial cognition in autism: Evidence from an fMRI study of an embedded figures task. NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1223858

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  8. Transcriptional consequences of 16p11.2 deletion and duplication in mouse cortex and multiplex autism families NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1163554

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  9. The Sensitivity and Specificity of the Social Communication Questionnaire for Autism Spectrum Disorder with Respect to Age NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1195992

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  10. Identification of Infants at High-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Multiparameter Multiscale White Matter Connectivity Networks NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1223873

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  11. The evolution and population diversity of human-specific segmental duplications NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1338620

    Release Date: 01-27-2017

  12. The National Database for Autism Research: Quality Assurance Metrics for the Structural Neuroimaging Data NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1149600

    Release Date: 03-08-2016

  13. Genomic evidence for multifactorial inheritance in autism NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1334671

    Release Date: 12-07-2016

  14. fMRI for affective psychological studies NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1170165

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  15. Predictors of self-injurious behaviour exhibited by individuals with autism spectrum disorder NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1226464

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  16. Maternal modifiers and parent-of-origin bias of the autism 16p11.2 CNV NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1226522

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  17. Trajectories of cortical thickness maturation in normal brain development NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1240724

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  18. The contribution of mosaic variants to autism spectrum disorder NIMH

    ID: doi:10.15154/1325772

    Release Date: 09-21-2016

  19. 100310n4-A NeuroMorpho.Org

    Type: image

    ID: 45687

  20. pcd29_12 NeuroMorpho.Org

    Type: image

    ID: 47409

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