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  1. Systems Biology of trivalent Influenza vaccine (TIV) in young and elderly ImmPort

    ID: SDY56

    Description: None

  2. Immune Response to Varicella Vaccination in Subjects with Atopic Dermatitis Compared to Nonatopic Controls ImmPort

    ID: SDY2

    Description: Young children have the highest prevalence of atopic dermatitis (AD) and are at significant risk complications from vaccinia. As a surrogate, we belie...

  3. Humoral responses to West Nile virus ImmPort

    ID: SDY508

    Description: Integrate two high-throughput technologies namely, microengraving-based screening of primary B cells and next-generation sequencing to examine the rel...

  4. Investigating Alterations to the Nasal Microbiome after Vaccination with LAIV ImmPort

    ID: SDY753

    Description: Microbiome alteration in response to influenza vaccine

  5. Natural Killer cells in resistance to infection with West Nile virus ImmPort

    ID: SDY517

    Description: Examine the response of primary NK cells from subjects with a history of asymptomatic or severe infection with West nile virus

  6. Systems Biology of 2007 Influenza Vaccination in Humans (See companion studies SDY269 2008 / SDY270 2009 / SDY271 Role for CaMKIV in the Regulation of... ImmPort

    ID: SDY61

    Description: Using a systems biology approach to study innate and adaptive responses to influenza vaccination in humans during the 2007-2008 influenza season.

  7. B and T Cell Determinants of Influenza Vaccine Responses in the Elderly 2008 (see companion study SDY773) ImmPort

    ID: SDY460

    Description: Application of high-throughput DNA sequencing of the IGH gene rearrangements to study the B cell repertoires over two successive years in 27 individua...

  8. Immune Responses to Influenza-Like Illness ImmPort

    ID: SDY406

    Description: To investigate the nasal transcriptional response and peripheral plasmablast response in acute influenza infection

  9. T1DAL ITN045AI: Inducing Remission in New Onset Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus with Alefacept(Amevive) ImmPort

    ID: SDY797

    Description: The purpose of this trial is to test whether a drug called alefacept will slow or halt destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas. If the destructi...

  10. Immunologic and genomic signatures of influenza vaccine response - 2014 ImmPort

    ID: SDY640

    Description: Project 1: Immunologic and genomic signatures of influenza vaccine response - year5 2014

  11. A Biomarker-based Pilot Study of Cockroach Sublingual Immunotherapy in Cockroach Sensitive Adults With Asthma and/or Perennial Allergic Rhinitis ImmPort

    ID: SDY223

    Description: There is currently no effective way to prevent development of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergies) and asthma and no cure. Sublingual immunotherapy (SL...

  12. FACTOR ITN507ST: Study of Tolerant Kidney Transplant Recipients ImmPort

    ID: SDY546

    Description: The purpose of this multi-center (observational) registry study is to establish a database of clinical and laboratory information that may help to ide...

  13. Pediatric Kidney Transplant Without Calcineurin Inhibitors (CN01) ImmPort

    ID: SDY131


    The purpose of this study is to see the effect of using drugs other than calcineurin inhibitors to improve the rate of kidney transplant failure.

  14. Immunologic and genomic signatures of influenza vaccine response - 2012 (see companion studies SDY63, SDY404, SDY520)) ImmPort

    ID: SDY400

    Description: Project 1: Immunologic and genomic signatures of influenza vaccine response - year3 2012

  15. CD4+ T cell differentiation studies ImmPort

    ID: SDY216

    Description: Differentiation of CD4+ T cells into effector or regulatory phenotypes is tightly controlled by the cytokine milieu, complex intracellular signaling n...

  16. Systems Biology Approach to Analysis of 2010-11 TIV Fluzone Influenza Vaccine Response in Healthy Individuals (see companion studies SDY301, SDY296) ImmPort

    ID: SDY74

    Description: This study will measure the immune response to the influenza vaccine The long-term goal is to develop improved vaccines to infectious diseases such a...

  17. Dendritic cells and TH2 differentiation in vivo ImmPort

    ID: SDY258

    Description: TH2 cell differentiation was investigated by measuring IL-4 output after OVA plus papain challenge in normal and dendritic-cell depleted mice. The rol...

  18. GPAC ITN025AD: Promoting Tolerance to Common Allergens in High-Risk Children: Global Prevention of Asthma in Children ImmPort

    ID: SDY545

    Description: The purpose of this study is to determine whether early childhood exposure to common allergens (substances that can trigger allergies and asthma) can ...

  19. Plasmablast response to inactivated and live attenuated influenza vaccines (TIV3/TIV3 ID/LAIV) in 2011 ImmPort

    ID: SDY113

    Description: To study the plasmablast response to influenza vaccines

  20. Vincenti ITN023ST: Belatacept to Prevent Organ Rejection in Kidney Transplant Patients ImmPort

    ID: SDY674

    Description: This study evaluates whether belatacept and a combination of anti-rejection drugs prevents non-human leukocyte antigen identical renal transplant rej...

Displaying 20 of 79,577 results for " "