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  1. Cooperation under the Shadow of the Future: Experimental Evidence from Infinitely Repeated Games Dataverse

    Description: While there is an extensive literature on the theory of infinitely repeated games, empirical evidence on how "the shadow of the future" affects behavi...

    Person: Bo, Pedro Dal

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  2. Census Tract-Level Data, 1960 Dataverse

    Description: This data collection contains selected variables at the tract level from the 1960 Census of Population and Housing. Information is provided on populat...

    Person: United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  3. Afrobarometer: Round 1.5 Survey of Nigeria, 2001 Dataverse

    Description: The Afrobarometer project was designed to assess attitudes toward democracy, markets, and civil society in several sub-Saharan African nations, and to...

    Person: Alemika, Etannibi Bratton, Michael Lewis, Peter

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  4. Flash Euro-barometer 9: Maastricht, February 1992 Dataverse

    Description: This round of Euro-Barometer surveys measured public opinion on European Community discussions regarding a single topic, the Treaty of Maastricht. Onl...

    Person: Reif, Karlheinz Melich, Anna

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  5. Federal Justice Statistics Program: Offenders in Prison at Year-End, 2000 Dataverse

    Description: The data contain records of sentenced offenders in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) at year-end of fiscal year 2000. The data include commit...

    Person: United States Department of Justice. Office of Justice Programs. Bureau of Justice Statistics

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  6. National Survey of the Japanese Elderly, 1990 Dataverse

    Description: This survey, a follow-up to the original Wave I survey undertaken in 1987 (ICPSR 6842), was designed to create a panel dataset for use in cross-cultur...

    Person: Liang, Jersey Maeda, Daisaku

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  7. Impact of Terrorism on State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and Criminal Justice Systems in the United States, 2004 Dataverse

    Description: This study explored the new roles of state and local law enforcement agencies and the changing conditions that came about as a result of the events of...

    Person: Foster, Chad Cordner, Gary

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  8. Eurobarometer 79.3: Europe 2020, The Financial and Economic Crisis and European Citizenship, May 2013 Dataverse

    Description: The Eurobarometer series is a unique cross-national and cross-temporal survey program conducted on behalf of the European Commission. These surveys re...

    Person: European Commission

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  9. Monitoring of Federal Criminal Sentences, 2005 Dataverse

    Description: This collection contains information on federal criminal cases sentenced under the Sentencing Guidelines and Policy Statements of the Sentencing Refor...

    Person: United States Sentencing Commission

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  10. Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data [United States]: Offenses Known and Clearances by Arrest, 1998 Dataverse

    Description: Since 1930, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has compiled the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) to serve as periodic nationwide assessments of reported c...

    Person: United States Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  11. School Election 1995, National Study Dataverse

    Description: "Skolevalget 1995, landsomfattende meningsmåling" er en nasjonal meningsmåling (telefonintervju) gjennomført av Norsk Gallup Institutt AS på oppdr...

    Person: Norsk samfunnsvitenskapelig datatjeneste AS

    Release Date: 02-27-2012

  12. Lillehammer after the Olympics, 1994 Dataverse

    Description: The survey aimed to interview persons from the municipality of Lillehammer to examine how they regarded the changes in Lillehammer that had occured in...

    Person: Statistics Norway, Oslo

    Release Date: 02-27-2012

  13. 1970 British Cohort Study: Thirty-Four-Year Follow-up, 2004-2005 Dataverse

    Description: Background The 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) began in 1970 when data were collected about the births and families of babies born in the United Kin...

    Person: University of London. Institute of Education. Centre for Longitudinal Studies

    Release Date: 02-28-2012

  14. Massachusetts Early Care and Education and School Readiness Study, 2001-2008 Dataverse

    Description: Young children are spending increasingly greater hours in early care and education. While research has clearly documented the importance of the qualit...

    Person: Marshall, Nancy Roberts, Joanne Wagner Robeson, Wendy

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  15. Primacy in the Effects of Face Exposure: Perception is Influenced More By Faces That Are Seen First Dataverse

    Description: Exposure to faces biases perceptions of subsequently viewed faces. In literature on memory, there are prominent effects of primacy, whereby people rem...

    Person: Little, Anthony Jones, Benedict DeBruine, Lisa

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  16. Northwestern Juvenile Project (Cook County, IL): Baseline, 1995-1998 [Restricted] Dataverse

    Description: Established in 1995, the Northwestern Juvenile Project assessed alcohol, drug, or mental (ADM) service needs of juvenile detainees. The study took pla...

    Person: Teplin, Linda A.

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  17. National Longitudinal Survey (NLS) of College Graduates, 1967-1985 Dataverse

    Description: This collection is based upon data from three national longitudinal surveys administered by the United States Census Bureau and is intended for resear...

    Person: Murnane, Richard

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  18. Euro-Barometer 16: Noise and Other Social Problems, October 1981 Dataverse

    Description: This round of Euro-Barometer surveys queried respondents on standard Euro-Barometer measures, such as how satisfied they were with their present life,...

    Person: Rabier, Jacques-Rene Riffault, Helene Inglehart, Ronald

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  19. ANES 1958 Time Series Study Dataverse

    Description: This study is part of a time-series collection of national surveys fielded continuously since 1952. The election studies are designed to present data ...

    Person: Campbell, Angus Converse, Philip

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

  20. Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data [United States]: Arrests by Age, Sex, and Race, Summarized Yearly, 1991 Dataverse

    Description: These data provide information on the number of arrests reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program each y...

    Person: United States Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Release Date: 04-08-2015

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