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  1. Human Erythroleukemia K562 cell line,Q PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000116

    Description: Human huamn erythroleukemia K5632 cell line I think...

    Instrument: LTQ

  2. youngah_yagsn1_712rpt PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000210

    Description: replicate enrichment for soluble proteins; 700-1200 m/z; Goo et al., 2003, Mol Cell Proteomics 2(8):508 Young Ah Goo ICAT experiments - yagsn1_712rpt ...

    Instrument: LCQ DECA

  3. human serum fractionation/depletion methods, 20_cys PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000334

    Description: 20_cys

    Instrument: LTQ

  4. Human B lymphocytes, ICAT, soluble fractions ICAT-3A-S1 PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000041

    Description: soluble fractions

    Instrument: LCQ DECA

  5. perixisomal fraction vs mitochondrial fraction PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000128

    Description: Yeast: identification of peroxisomal proteins with subcellular fractionation and tandem mass spectrometry. ICAT labeled peptides. dataset included in...

    Instrument: LTQ

  6. human serum fractionation/depletion methods, 16_clinprot_c8 PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000338

    Description: 16_clinprot_c8

    Instrument: LTQ

  7. Jurkat T-cell lipid rafts stim & unstim ICAT labeled Replicate 2 PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000003

    Description: Lipid Rafts prepared from Human Jurkat T-cell stimulated via T cell receptor/CD28 cross-linking and from control (unstimulated) cells. Labeled with ol...

    Instrument: LCQ Classic

  8. peroximalPrep0702 PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000150

    Description: peroximalPrep0702 This is the 2nd of 3 ICAT experiments in Marrelli et al., JCB 2004

    Instrument: LTQ

  9. gricat PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000151

    Description: gricat Galactose vs. raffinose ICAT experiment Published in Trey's thesis

    Instrument: LTQ

  10. Qian Plasma alkylated samples PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000169

    Description: Qian Plasma alkylated samples Weijun Qian's paper (Qian et. al., Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 2005, 4, 700-709) was compiled from 461 data files,...

    Instrument: LCQ Duo

  11. youngah_YAGsn2 PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000249

    Description: replicate enrichment for soluble proteins; Goo et al., 2003, Mol Cell Proteomics 2(8):509 Young Ah Goo ICAT experiments - YAGsn2 directory

    Instrument: LCQ DECA

  12. youngah_yagwall_712rpt PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000225

    Description: enrichment for Halobacterium cell wall proteins; 700-1200 m/z; Goo et al., unpublished data. Young Ah Goo ICAT experiments - yagwall_712rpt directory

    Instrument: LCQ DECA

  13. Human prostate cancer cell lines, cytosolic, ICAT PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000005

    Description: Human prostate cancer cell lines: LNCaP, CL-1, cytosolic. labeled with old ICAT cytosolic fraction comparison with ICAT

    Instrument: LCQ DECA

  14. yeast_quality_control PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000324

    Description: yeast_quality_control Yeast cell lysate was run on LTQ, LTQ_FT and QTOF.

    Instrument: LTQ

  15. youngah_YAGmem812 PeptideAtlas

    ID: PAe000179

    Description: enrichment for membrane proteins; 800-1200 m/z; Goo et al., 2003, Mol Cell Proteomics 2(8):509 Young Ah Goo ICAT experiments - YAGmem812 directory

    Instrument: LCQ DECA

  16. Identification of proteins interacting with cytoplasmic high-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) during the hepatocellular response to ischemia reperfusion i... ProteomeXchange

    ID: PXD003538

    Instrument: Q Exactive

    Date Released: 03-10-2017

  17. E. coli spiking Dimethyl labelling ProteomeXchange

    ID: PXD005398

    Instrument: maXis

    Date Released: 12-10-2016

  18. Couzens_MOB1mutants_P86 ProteomeXchange

    ID: PXD005327

    Instrument: LTQ Orbitrap Velos

    Date Released: 03-30-2017

  19. Hybrid structural modeling of protein-RNA complexes using crosslinking of segmentally isotope labeled RNA and tandem mass spectrometry ProteomeXchange

    ID: PXD005566

    Instrument: LTQ Orbitrap Elite

    Date Released: 03-27-2017

  20. Reference dataset for EnCOUNTer tool development ProteomeXchange

    ID: PXD005720

    Instrument: LTQ Orbitrap

    Date Released: 03-14-2017

Displaying 20 of 3,499 results for " "