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  1. Software for "MetaLIMS, A Simple Open-Source Laboratory Information Management System for Small Metagenomic Labs" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100293

    Release Date: 04-01-2017

    Description: As the cost of sequencing continues to fall, smaller groups increasingly initiate and manage larger sequencing projects and take on the complexity of ...

  2. Supporting data for "The Healthy Brain Network Serial Scanning Initiative" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100259

    Release Date: 12-30-2016

    Description: Although typically measured during the resting state, a growing literature is illustrating the ability to map intrinsic connectivity in task and natur...

  3. Supporting data for "Stepwise Distributed Open Innovation Contests for Software Development - Acceleration of Genome-Wide Association Analysis" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100264

    Release Date: 12-23-2016

    Description: The association of differing genotypes with disease related phenotypic traits offers great potential to both help identify new therapeutic targets and...

  4. Supporting data for "Genome sequencing of the winged midge, Parochlus steinenii, from the Antarctic Peninsula" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100256

    Release Date: 12-07-2016

    Description: In the Antarctic, only two species of Chironomidae occur naturally—the wingless midge, Belgica antarctica, and the winged midge, Parochlus steinenii...

  5. Supporting data for "Calculating quality of public high-throughput sequencing data to obtain suitable subset for reanalysis from the Sequence Read Arc... GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100304

    Release Date: 04-17-2017

    Description: It is important for public data repositories to promote the reuse of archived data. In the growing field of omics science, however, the increasing num...

  6. De novo sequencing of Ginkgo biloba GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100209

    Release Date: 11-15-2016

    Description: Ginkgo biloba is one of the world’s most ancient plants, a living fossil that has remained essentially unchanged in terms of gross morphology for m...

  7. Supporting data for "Keemei: cloud-based validation of tabular bioinformatics file formats in Google Sheets" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100204

    Release Date: 06-10-2016

    Description: Bioinformatics software often requires human-generated tabular text files as input and have specific requirements for how those data are formatted. Us...

  8. Supporting data for "ReGaTE, Registration of Galaxy Tools in Elixir" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100287

    Release Date: 03-14-2017

    Description: Bioinformaticians routinely use multiple software tools and data sources in their day-to-day work, and have been guided in their choices by a number o...

  9. NeuroView: a customizable browser-base utility GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100237

    Release Date: 10-24-2016

    Description: The amount of data acquired for an fMRI experiment dimension wise is very large and a challenge for neuroscience studies, in particular for data analy...

  10. Supporting data for "Sequencing, de novo assembly, and annotation of a pink bollworm larval midgut transcriptome" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100203

    Release Date: 05-24-2016

    Description: The pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) is one of the world's most important pests of cotton. Insecticide spr...

  11. A cortical surface-based geodesic distance package for Python GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100232

    Release Date: 10-24-2016

    Description: The human cerebral cortex, whether tracing it through phylogeny or ontogeny, emerges through expansion and progressive differentiation into larger and...

  12. Facilitating big data meta-analyses for clinical neuroimaging through ENIGMA wrapper scripts GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100231

    Release Date: 10-24-2016

    Description: A vast number of clinical disorders may involve changes in brain structure that are correlated with cognitive function and behavior (e.g., depression,...

  13. Nipype interfaces in CBRAIN GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100226

    Release Date: 10-24-2016

    Description: We aim at the large-scale, automatic sharing of software tools between neuroimaging processing platforms, which will increase the relevance of such pl...

  14. Supporting data for "Evolutionary trajectories of snake genes and genomes revealed by comparative analyses of five-pacer viper" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100196

    Release Date: 10-04-2016

    Description: The five-pacer viper (Deinagkistrodon acutus) is a venomous snake living in Southern China, characterized by a triangular head and upturned rostral. I...

  15. Software and supporting material for: "RES-Scanner: a software package for genome-wide identification of RNA-editing sites" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100211

    Release Date: 08-15-2016

    Description: High-throughput sequencing (HTS) provides a powerful resolution for the genome-wide identification of RNA-editing sites. However, it remains a great c...

  16. Dataset collection from the 2015 Brainhack Proceedings GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100215

    Release Date: 08-23-2016

    Description: Brainhack - a novel conference model for the open neuroscience research community - exploded in 2015. With three-day events in Honolulu (June), Montr...

  17. Optimized implementations of voxel-wise degree centrality and local functional connectivity density mapping in AFNI GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100219

    Release Date: 10-20-2016

    Description: Degree centrality (DC) and local functional connectivity density (lFCD) are statistics calculated from brain connectivity graphs that measure how impo...

  18. Supporting data for the draft genome of the Northern snakehead, Channa argus GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100279

    Release Date: 03-03-2017

    Description: The Northern snakehead (Channa argus), a member of Channidae family in Perciformes, is an economically important freshwater fish with its main distrib...

  19. Supporting data for "MinION nanopore sequencing of environmental metagenomes: a synthetic approach" GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100278

    Release Date: 02-06-2017

    Description: Environmental metagenomic analysis is typically accomplished by assigning taxonomy and/or function from whole genome sequencing (WGS) or 16S amplicon ...

  20. Generating music with resting-state fMRI data GigaDB

    ID: doi:10.5524/100224

    Release Date: 10-24-2016

    Description: Resting-state fMRI (rsfMRI) data generates time courses with unpredictable hills and valleys. People with musical training may notice that, to some de...

Displaying 20 of 43,408 results for " "