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  1. F169B_MOUSE

    ID: Q8CHT6

    Description: Protein FAM169B

  2. Genome-wide association analysis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis identifies a new susceptibility locus at chromosomal region 3q13.

    ID: PRJNA136615

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: D1C; rs12719740 (15q26, OR=1.47, P=3.3x10-7) near FAM169B; rs4688011 (3q13, OR=1.33, P=1.1x10-4) within C3orf1 and rs4254850 (4q31, OR=0.85, P=7.8x10-3) near IL15. Eleven SNPs were genotyped in Caucasian replication cohorts (1744 cases, 7010 controls) and meta-analysis continued to provide evidence for association with three of the SNPs (rs6479891, P=4.3x10-5; rs12719740, P=5.2x10-4; rs4688011, P=3.6x10-7). Analysis of expression data from 68 JIA cases and 23 controls overlapping in the GWAS cohort1 and published lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCL)2 showed cis eQTL associations for JMJD1C SNPs (P=0.01 and P=1.6x10-6, resp...

Displaying 2 of 2 results for "FAM169B"