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  1. Time course analysis of the estrogen-related receptor β (ERRβ/Esrrb)-regulated transcriptome in mouse E14 embryonic stem cells

    Keywords: pluripotent ESCs E14 cells

    Description: Mouse E14 embryonic stem cells were transfected for 2 - 6 d with or without ERRβ/Esrrb shRNA.

    ID: 10.1621/ik1HvDEqR1

  2. Comparative analysis of the dexamethasone (Dex)-regulated, CARP1/CCAR1-, DBC1/CCAR2, CoCoA/CALCOCO1- or HUB1/ZNF282-dependent transcriptomes in A549 l...

    Keywords: epithelium A549 cells

    Description: Human A549 lung cancer cells were transfected with control (NC), CARP1/CCAR1-, DBC1/CCAR2, CoCoA/CALCOCO1- or HUB1/ZNF282 siRNAs and treated with or w...

    ID: 10.1621/0Lc5z4wSdO

  3. PIRSitePredict

    Description: PIRSitePredict is a prediction tool for the position specific annotations based on PIR site rules. It uses InterProScan XML and organism information (...

  4. Docker Image for Oracle Database with NHANES dataset

    Description: Oracle Database is pre-populated with the CDC NHANES public dataset (41,474 patients with ~1,300 variables)

  5. ADHD200-processed

    Description: ADHD200 dataset processed with various neuroimaging tools and pipelines

  6. Pipeline to detect retroCNVs in the human genome

    Description: Collection of source code and reference files necessary and sufficient to detect retroCNVs in the human genome

  7. Regtools annotated TCGA exon-exon junctions

    Description: Exon-exon junction coordinates and annotations with splicing features for all TCGA cases with RNA-seq and exome data available in the Genomic Data Com...

  8. ParaView Glance

    Description: An in-browser visualization application for viewing multiple types of 3D data

  9. GTEx gene-level expression summary for Snaptron

    Description: GTEx gene-level expression summary from the Snaptron collection. Format is a tab-separated text file compressed and indexed using BGZip, along with s...

  10. CIViC web application front-end cancer variant curation interface

    Description: Web application front-end providing a sophisticated curation, browse and search interface for clinical interpretation of variants in cancer

  11. Streaming Sepsis Prediction System for Intensive Care Units

    Description: Code accompanying: Henry JR, Lynch D, Mals J, Shashikumar SP, Holder A, Sharma A, Nemati S. A FHIR-Enabled Streaming Sepsis Prediction System for ICUs...

  12. BRER source code

    Description: bias resampling ensemble refinement

  13. Datasets for practical model selection for prospective virtual screening

    Description: This repository contains datasets for the manuscript "Practical model selection for prospective virtual screening".

  14. Prioritized Proteins Across DOID, PW, and HPO

    Description: Collection of popular proteins across 10,129 human diseases as defined by the Disease Ontology, 10,642 disease phenotypes defined by Human Phenotype O...

  15. iPTMnet

    Description: iPTMnet is a bioinformatics resource for integrated understanding of protein post-translational modifications (PTMs) in systems biology context. It co...

  16. Analysis of the GW1516-regulated transcriptome in exercising mouse skeletal muscle

    Keywords: quadriceps whole

    Description: Sedentary or exercising 8 week old male C57B/6 mice received: (1) acute (5 mg/kg body weight. 6 d); or (2) chronic (5 mg/kg body weight, 4 w) doses of...

    ID: 10.1621/datasets.05001

  17. Analysis of the all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) and retinoic acid receptor-γ (RARγ/Rarg)-regulated transcriptomes in F9 cells

    Keywords: pluripotent F9 cells

    Description: RARγ/Rarg knockout F9 embryonal carcinoma cells and wild-type F9 embryonal carcinoma cells were treated with or without 1 µM ATRA for 24 h.

    ID: 10.1621/mQydQXPUhE

  18. Acute time course and dose-dependence analysis of the acetaminophen (Acmphn)-regulated transcriptome in rat liver

    Keywords: whole liver

    Description: Livers were isolated from rats treated for 3 - 24 h with or without 300 mg - 1 g/kg bw/d Acmphn.

    ID: 10.1621/dtsY1XDjLe

  19. Analysis of constitutive androstane receptor (CAR/Nr1i3) ligand-dependent transcriptomes in wild type, CAR/Nr1i3 null mutant and human CAR/NR1I3 knock...

    Keywords: whole liver

    Description: Wild type, CAR/Nr1i3 null mutant, and human CAR/NR1I3 knock-in C57BL/6x129Sv mixed-background mouse mice were injected with or without: (1) a single d...

    ID: 10.1621/datasets.01003

  20. Comparative analysis of the letrozole-, anastrozole- and Tamoxifen (Tam)-dependent transcriptomes in testosterone (Test)-treated MCF-7 cells

    Keywords: epithelium MCF-7 aro cells

    Description: Human MCF-7 breast cancer cells stably transfected with aromatase were treated for 1 week with 1 nM Test, 1 nM 17βE2 or 1 µM Tam, alone or in combin...

    ID: 10.1621/ntGSm8XG3z

Displaying 20 of 601 results for " "