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  1. Potential for large outbreaks of Ebola virus disease: Supplementary Data

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.27

    Release Date: 01-21-2016

  2. Life tables for the CONCORD-2 study

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.22

    Release Date: 12-07-2015

  3. The Izhevsk Family Study Repository

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.100

    Release Date: 03-23-2016

  4. LSHTM Data Compass Statistics Report - 2015

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.81

    Release Date: 02-19-2016

  5. Factors influencing choice of care seeking for acute fever comparing private chemical shops with health centres and hospitals in Ghana: A study using ...

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.36

    Release Date: 02-08-2016

  6. Data for: "Performance-based financing in the context of the complex remuneration of health workers: findings from a mixed-method study in rural Sierr...

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.106

    Release Date: 08-04-2016

  7. IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Uttar Pradesh case study resources

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.119

    Release Date: 10-12-2016

  8. IDEAS project - Qualitative data for the Data Informed Platform for Health formative study in West Bengal

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.114

    Release Date: 09-20-2016

  9. IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Ethiopia case study resources

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.120

    Release Date: 10-12-2016

  10. Asymptomatic infection and family contact patterns in households of Ebola Virus Disease survivors, Sierra Leone 2015

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.41

    Release Date: 01-13-2017

  11. Change in maternal and newborn health care. Data from two cross-sectional surveys in Gombe State, North-East Nigeria, 2012 and 2015

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.131

    Release Date: 02-01-2017

  12. IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in West Bengal

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.112

    Release Date: 09-09-2016

  13. Clinical code list - Solar keratosis codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.138

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  14. Clinical code list - Alcohol codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.143

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  15. Clinical code list - chronic kidney disease codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.151

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  16. The combined use of Indoor Residual Spraying and Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets for malaria reduction in endemic rural Tanzania: A cross sectional ent...

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.14

    Release Date: 10-09-2015

  17. Uptake, accuracy, safety and linkage into care over two years of promoting annual self-testing for HIV in Blantyre, Malawi: a community-based prospect...

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.7

    Release Date: 07-27-2015

  18. Screening and treatment of malaria in pregnancy in West Africa

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.2

    Release Date: 06-02-2015

Displaying 20 of 118 results for " "