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  1. Analysis of the retinoid orphan receptor-α (RORα/Rora)-regulated transcriptome in mouse liver and white adipose tissue

    Keywords: whole liver

    Description: Liver or white adipose tissue were isolated from RORα/Rora-deficient staggerer (sg/sg) and wild-type mice fed a high fat diet (35% fat) for 6 weeks.

    ID: 10.1621/b2n1yyAn8P

  2. Comparative transcriptomic analysis of white, brown and beige fat cell lines

    Keywords: other adipocytes immortalized

    Description: Immortalized clonal fat cell lines were derived from primary inguinal (beige and white) or interscapular (brown) stromal-vascular cells. Derived subcl...

    ID: 10.1621/Hn4dqri4Pd

  3. Comparative transcriptomic analysis of spleen- and thymus-derived adult and perinate mouse regulatory T cells (Tregs)

    Keywords: lymphoid lineage T lymphocytes regulatory spleen

    Description: Transcriptomes were compared between the following populations of Tregs (i) perinate and adult spleen-derived; (ii) perinate and adult thymus-derived...

    ID: 10.1621/tFD8zoxH65

  4. Time course analysis of the 17β-estradiol (17βE2) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF1)-regulated transcrptomes in human MCF-7 breast cancer cells

    Keywords: epithelium MCF-7 BUS cells

    Description: Human MCF-7 breast cancer cells were treated for 3 h or 24 h with or without 10 nM 17βE2 or 100 ng/ml IGF1.

    ID: 10.1621/HmGe8Loijj

  5. Analysis of the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR/Nr3c2)-dependent transcriptome in mouse peritoneal macrophages treated with corticosterone (Cortic)

    Keywords: myeloid lineage macrophages peritoneal cavity-derived

    Description: Peritoneal macrophages were isolated from MR/Nr3c2 knockout and wild-type animals treated with and without 1 µM Cortic for 24 h.

    ID: 10.1621/LOO5hhCEtn

  6. Analysis of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ (PPARγ/Pparg)-regulated transcriptome in colitic mouse colon

    Keywords: other mucosa whole mucosa

    Description: Colonic tissue was isolated from wild-type and macrophage-specific PPARγ/Pparg knockout animals treated with 2.5% dextran sodium sulfate (S) in the d...

    ID: 10.1621/9vNOcUCexJ

  7. Analysis of the dexamethasone (Dex)-regulated transcriptome in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-activated inflammatory mouse macrophages

    Keywords: myeloid lineage macrophages bone marrow-derived

    Description: Primary bone marrow derived-macrophages from male 10 week old mice were treated overnight with 1 µM Dex, 100 ng/ml LPS or both.

    ID: 10.1621/NjyEDq96T7

  8. Analysis of the all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)-regulated transcriptome in murine E14Tg2A embryonic stem cells

    Keywords: pluripotent ESCs E14Tg2A cells

    Description: Mouse E14Tg2A embryonic stem cells were treated for 2 d with or without 1 µM ATRA to induce neuronal differentiation.

    ID: 10.1621/pZbsyIDmOw

  9. Analysis of glucocorticoid receptor (GR/NR3C1) isoform-regulated transcriptomes in dexamethasone (Dex)-treated U2OS cells

    Keywords: osteoblasts U2OS cells

    Description: Human U2OS osteosarcoma cells stably expressing human GR/NR3C1 isoforms under the Tet-off system were cultured in the absence of tetracycline prior to...

    ID: 10.1621/bCuUTHXkhy

  10. Comparative analysis of the dexamethasone (Dex)-regulated transcriptomes in male and female rat hepatocytes

    Keywords: hepatocytes 1° cells

    Description: Hepatocytes from livers of adult female and female, adrenalectomized or non-adrenalectomized Sprague-Dawley rats were treated with or without 100 nM D...

    ID: 10.1621/IMD4wj7kJP

  11. Analysis of the chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter factor II (COUPTFII/NR2F2)-regulated transcriptome in PC3 cells

    Keywords: epithelium PC3 cells

    Description: Human PC3 prostatic carcinoma cells were transfected with control or COUPTFII/NR2F2 siRNA duplexes for 48 h.

    ID: 10.1621/8yQpjWrlDh

  12. Transcriptomic analysis of 17β-estradiol (17βE2)-treated human umbilical vein endothelial cells

    Keywords: endothelium HUVECs 1° cells

    Description: Primary human umbilical vein endothelial cells were treated with or without 1 nM 17βE2 for 24 h.

    ID: 10.1621/xeipTwH7A8

  13. Analysis of the ELK and R1881-dependent transcriptomes in LNCaP prostate cancer cells

    Keywords: epithelium LNCaP cells

    Description: Human LNCaP prostate cancer cells were infected with ELK1 shRNA or control shRNA for 96 h. Cells were treated with 1 nM R1881 or vehicle for 48 h.

    ID: 10.1621/xZngfuhLwA

  14. Transcriptomic analysis of hydrocortisone (Hydcrt)-treated mouse fibroblasts from keloids or normal scars

    Keywords: fibroblasts keloid

    Description: Low-passage fibroblasts from keloids or normal scars were treated with or without 1.5 µM Hydcrt for 10 d.

    ID: 10.1621/MIgSfljDs3

  15. Analysis of the estrogen receptor-related receptor-γ (ERRγ/Esrrg)-regulated transcriptome in mouse heart ventricle

    Keywords: ventricle whole

    Description: Heart ventricles were removed from wild type and E18.5 ERRγ/Esrrg heterozygte or null mutants.

    ID: 10.1621/datasets.04007

  16. Time course analysis of the dexamethasone (Dex) and leukemia inhibitory factor (Lif)-regulated transcriptomes in mouse AtT-20 pituitary corticotrope t...

    Keywords: pituitary corticotrophs AtT-20 cells

    Description: Mouse AtT-20 pituitary corticotrope tumor cells were treated for 3 h or 18 h with or without 100 nM Dex or 10 ng/ml Lif.

    ID: 10.1621/U2mYyLhddH

  17. Analysis of the docosahexaneoic acid (Docos)-regulated HUVEC transcriptome in a model of IL-1β-induced inflammation

    Keywords: endothelium HUVECs 1° cells

    Description: Human umbilical cord epithelial cells were treated for 48 h with or without 25 µM Docos followed by treatment for 3 h with 5 ng/ml IL-1β to induce a...

    ID: 10.1621/HDZ35Ll8IU

  18. Analysis of the childhood obese transcriptomic signature in omental adipose tissue

    Keywords: WAT omental

    Description: Omental adipose tissue was obtained from prepubertal obese and normal weight children.

    ID: 10.1621/C3ldwlGLkd

  19. Time course analysis of the all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)-regulated transcriptome in rat testis

    Keywords: other whole testis

    Description: Testies were isolated from male Sprague-Dawley rats fed a vitamin-A deficient diet for 9 weeks (control) and subsequently injected with 7.5 mg ATRA fo...

    ID: 10.1621/pj7lKPryAA

  20. Analysis of the adrenergic β3 receptor agonist CL316243-regulated transcriptome in the stromal vascular fraction of murine white adipose tissue (WAT)

    Keywords: WAT unspecified

    Description: The stromal vascular fraction from gonadonal WAT was isolated from female C57Bl/6 mice 8 weeks of age treated for 3 d with 1 mg/kg bw/d CL316243 or ve...

    ID: 10.1621/U35Nkcxdo1

Displaying 20 of 931 results for " "