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  1. Change in maternal and newborn health care. Data from two cross-sectional surveys in Ethiopia, 2012 and 2015

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.129

    Release Date: 01-30-2017

  2. IDEAS project - Study of the scale-up of innovations to improve maternal and newborn health

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.110

    Release Date: 08-26-2016

  3. Clinical code list - Squamous cell carcinoma

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.136

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  4. Clinical code list - Melanoma codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.141

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  5. Clinical code list - Inflammatory Bowel Disease codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.149

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  6. Countdown ODA+ Dataset

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.127

    Release Date: 01-13-2017

  7. IPTi Household Survey 1 - Birth History Dataset

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.12

    Release Date: 09-08-2015

  8. Young people's preferences for family planning service providers in rural Malawi: a stated preference data set

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.5

    Release Date: 07-27-2015

  9. CRASH-2 - Clinical Randomisation of an Antifibrinolytic in Significant Haemorrhage

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.10

    Release Date: 09-01-2015

  10. A Randomized Controlled Double Blind Trial of Ciclosporin versus Prednisolone in the Management of Leprosy Patients with New Type 1 Reaction in Ethiop...

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.18

    Release Date: 11-11-2015

  11. Clinical code list - rheumatoid arthritis codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.156

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  12. Clinical code list - alcohol codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.161

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  13. Therapy code list - Diabetes treatments codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.163

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  14. Clinical code list - Smoking codes

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.168

    Release Date: 03-09-2017

  15. ZENITH Adolescent HIV prevalence survey dataset

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.174

    Release Date: 04-27-2017

  16. Measuring mortality due to HIV-associated tuberculosis among adults in South Africa: comparing verbal autopsy, minimally-invasive autopsy, and researc...

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.169

    Release Date: 03-14-2017

  17. A seroepidemiological study of serogroup A meningococcal infection in the African meningitis belt

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.34

    Release Date: 01-28-2016

  18. Acute Uncomplicated Febrile Illness in Children Aged 2-59 months in Zanzibar - Aetiologies, Antibiotic Treatment and Outcome

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.26

    Release Date: 01-13-2016

  19. Productivity, family planning and reproductive health in Burkina Faso: PopDev qualitative data

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.19

    Release Date: 11-19-2015

  20. Multiple imputation methods for bivariate outcomes in cluster randomised trials: Supporting Information

    ID: doi:10.17037/DATA.99

    Release Date: 03-23-2016

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