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  1. Annotation of pseudogenic gene segments by massively parallel sequencing of rearranged lymphocyte receptor loci

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7CC7F

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  2. Potential of Influenza A memory CD8+T-cells to protect against Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) seroconversion

    ID: doi:10.21417/B74S3W

    Release Date: 07-27-2016

  3. CTLA4 Blockade Broadens the Peripheral T-Cell Receptor Repertoire

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7G592

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  4. Shared glycolipid specific TCR repertoire in tuberculosis

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7QG66

    Release Date: 12-07-2016

  5. T-cell receptor β chains show abnormal shortening, repertoire diversity and sharing in type 1 diabetes

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7C88S

    Release Date: 10-01-2016

  6. Complement C2

    ID: doi:10.6072/H0.MP.A004234.01

    Release Date: 06-17-2016

  7. Ficolin-1

    ID: doi:10.6072/H0H41PBV

    Release Date: 06-17-2016

  8. Control Data Set of Healthy Mice and Strain Comparison.

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7X593

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  9. Dynamics of the Cytotoxic T Cell Response to a Model of Acute Viral Infection

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7K017

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  10. Neutrophils dominate the immune cell composition in non-small cell lung cancer

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7B88G

    Release Date: 02-14-2017

  11. Evolution of the CD8+ T cell receptor repertoire in neonatal mice

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7WC73

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  12. Spatiotemporal dynamics of clonal T cell expansions in alopecia areata revealed by high throughput T cell receptor sequencing

    ID: doi:10.21417/B77P45

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  13. TCRB Example Different Tissues from the Same Patient

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7NP4W

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  14. A public database of memory and naive B-cell receptor sequences

    ID: doi:10.21417/B71018

    Release Date: 07-28-2016

  15. Common clonal origin of central and resident memory T cells following skin immunization

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7BC74

    Release Date: 07-14-2016

  16. Broad TCR repertoire and diverse structural solutions for recognition of an immunodominant CD8+ T cell epitope

    ID: doi:10.21417/B7W88F

    Release Date: 04-12-2017

  17. Ibrutinib therapy increases T cell repertoire diversity in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia Shared Project

    ID: doi:10.21417/B77G6V

    Release Date: 10-06-2016

  18. Integrin beta-2

    ID: doi:10.6072/H0.MP.A004263.01

    Release Date: 06-17-2016

  19. Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 2

    ID: doi:10.6072/H0.MP.A007319.01

    Release Date: 06-17-2016

Displaying 20 of 59 results for " "