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  1. Genome-Wide Association Study of Anorexia Nervosa dbGaP

    ID: phs000679.v1.p1

    Description: st gene (base-pair), P value) rs6959888, 7q21.13, ZNF804B, 0, 1.63E-06; rs17725255, 20p11.23, CSRP2BP, 39396, 1.72E-06; rs10494067, 1p13.3, NTNG1, 0, 5.83E-06; rs2383378, 14q12, AKAP6, 0, 6.41E-06; rs410644, 5q14.1, SSBP2, 40462, 6.74E-06; rs4479806, 5p14.1, CDH9, 156926, 7.79E-06; rs957788, 13q33.3, FAM155A, 0, 8.11E-06; rs830998, 2q31.1, LRP2, 0, 8.68E-06; rs6782029, 3p25.3, VGLL4, 0, 9.04E-06; rs512089, 9p21.3, ELAVL2, 47984, 9.85E-06; rs3808986, 11q24.3, APLP2, 29217, 9.92E-6]. CNV analyses were performed on 1015 AN cases and 3532 controls. Overall frequencies of common or rare CNVs were similar between cases and controls. Specific rare and large (>500 kb, <1%) CNVs of interest included deletion of a large (~1.4Mbp) region of chr13q12 found in 2 AN samples and at a 10 fold lower frequency in a large sample (72,918) of subjects containing the genes SGCG, SACS, TNFRSF19, MIPEP, PCOTH, C1QTNF9B, SPATA13, MIR2276, and C1QTNF9, and an overlapping deletion and a duplication observed in 3 AN samples overlapping the CNTN6 and CNTN4 genes. Partially overlapping ~ 30 kb duplications were seen in 12 AN cases and in 1 control at the CDC5L gene on chromosome 6. Partially overlapping deletion of the 3' half of the PSTPIP1 gene was seen in 5 AN cases and no controls. Finally, a ~ 60 kb deletion of the PLEC1 gene was observed in 5 AN cases and in none of 3532 controls. Discussion: This is the first GWAS of AN. These preliminary results are consistent with absence of a major gene effect in AN. These results are consistent with genetic risk conveyed by multiple co...

    Study Types: Case-Control

Displaying 1 of 1 results for "ZNF804B"