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  1. Solution structure of the PR domain of FOG-1 PDB

    ID: PDB:2MPL

    Description: Zinc finger protein ZFPM1

  2. Transcriptome Analysis of Zfpm1 Function in Early Zebrafish Embryogenesis and Postembryonic Heart Development BioProject

    ID: PRJNA376117

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

  3. An RNA binding polymer specifies nematode sperm fate BioProject

    ID: PRJNA307605

    Keywords: Other

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: enetic regulatory network controlling sperm fate: FOG-1, a cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding protein (CPEB), and FOG-3, a predicted Tob/BTG protein. Loss of either gene causes hermaphrodites or male germ cells to switch from making sperm to making oocytes. Characterized Tob/BTG proteins function as adaptor proteins, linking –...
  4. RIP-Chip analysis of the C. elegans FOG-1 and FOG-3 proteins OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-73070

    Date Released: 12-19-2015

    Description: FOG-1/CPEB and FOG-3/Tob are the terminal regulators of the sex determination in C. elegans g...

  5. FOG1_MOUSE UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: O35615

    Description: Zinc finger protein ZFPM1 C2HC-type 1 C2H2-type

  6. Expression data from FOG1+/- (or FOG1+/+) and FOG1 ki/ki mouse megakaryocyte (Meg) OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-29975

    Date Released: 07-08-2011

    Description: The transcription co-factor FOG1 interacts with the chromatin remodeling complex NuRD to mediate gene activation and gene repression during hematopoiesis. We h...

  7. The Transcriptional Programme Controlled by Scl/Tal1 Gene during Early Embryonic Haematopoietic Development OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-15806

    Date Released: 05-03-2014

    Description: regulators including Cbfa2t3h/Eto2, Cebpe, Nfe2, Zfpm1/Fog1, Erg, Mafk, Gfi1b and Myb. Keywords: Gene regulation study Examination of one transcription factor in a haematopoietic progenitor cell line The samples provided were all sourced from the same ChIP experiment. They were then split into three and sent for sequencing. The samples labelled Scl_lane7 and Scl_lane8 were sequenced in parallel using an Illumina Genome Analyzer and then aligned using Solexa alignment software. There only variation was that the Scl_lane8 sample contained twice as much of the DNA as Scl_lane7. The sample labelled Scl_vancouver was sent to an alternative site for sequencing, again on an Illumina Genome Analyzer, and was aligned using the Eland aligner software....

  8. The role of FOG-1 in GATA-1 transcriptional regulation of megakaryocyte differentiation OmicsDI

    ID: E-GEOD-35695

    Date Released: 06-24-2012

    Description: We explored the role of FOG-1 in GATA-1 transcriptional regulation of megakaryocyte differentiation through expressio...

  9. TRR1_CAEBR UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: A8WTE8

    Description: Transcription-associated protein 1 TPR 1 TPR 2 FAT TPR 3 PI3K/PI4K FATC In v76; causes a Fog phenot...

  10. Corrected Chlorophyll a for lake Fog 2 during the summer of 2004 Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-27-2011

    Description: Corrected Chlorophyll a for lake Fog 2 during the summer of 2004

  11. Primary Production Data for lakes and lake inlets/outlets samples collected summer 2001, Arctic LTER, Toolik Research Station, Alaska Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-21-2011

    Description: Yearly file detailing rates of primary production in various surface waters near Toolik Research Station (68 38'N, 149 36'W). Sample site descriptors ...

    dataset.keywords: Fog 02
  12. Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of Wild Type and Uhrf1-/- fetal liver hematopoietic stem cell (FL-HSCs) Transcriptomes BioProject

    ID: PRJNA338482

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: n-related genes (e.g., Gata1, Gata2, Gfi1b, Car1, Zfpm1 and Itga2b), most of which were physiologically up-regulated in HPC(LK)s, whereas some genes (Id2, Satb1, Hmga2) that play critical roles in HSC maintenance were down-regulated. These results suggested that Uhrf1 controls the self-renewal versus differentiation of FL-HSCs by suppressing the expression of the erythroid-specific genes and maintaining the expression of HSC stemness genes. Overall design: FL-HSCs(LSKs) (approximately10,000 cells) were isolated from WT and Uhrf1-/- fetal livers by cell sorting (double sort, purity > 95%). RNA was extracted, purified and checked for integrity using an Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, US). Libraries were generated for sequencing using the TruSeq RNA sample preparation kit (Illumina). Libraries were sequenced using an Illumina HiSeq 2500 sequencer.Three independent experiments were performed....
  13. Data from: Epiphytes improve host plant water use by microenvironment modification Dryad

    DateIssued: 09-20-2014

    Description: 1. Epiphytes have the potential to modify the canopy environments in which they grow. Accurately evaluating the impact of epiphytes...

  14. Array CGH of Drosophila ChrX deficiencies_duplications on heterochromatin custom array ArrayExpress

    ID: E-GEOD-36262

    Description: eficiencies and duplications were tested: 168 (Dp(1;Y)y[2]67g), 175 (Dp(1;Y)y[2]sc), 114n (Dp(1;Y)y[+]mal[126]), 114f (Df(1)fog[114]), 186n (Dp(1;Y)y[+]mal), 186f (Df(1)mal12), B2580 (Dp(1

  15. Mutant analysis of C. elegans small RNAs with 5p monophosphates BioProject

    ID: PRJNA109169

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: , 21U-RNAs) in young adult worms from the wt, prg-1 mutant, and fog-2 mutant backgrounds. These datasets were prepared in the Craig C. Mello laboratory using T4 RNA ligase 1. Keywords: miRNA and 21U-RNA discovery and mutant expression profiling Overall...
  16. High throughput sequencing of endogenous small RNAs from AGO pathway mutants BioProject

    ID: PRJNA123835

    Keywords: Transcriptome or Gene expression

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: riched populations of alg-3(tm1155);alg-4(ok1041);fog-2(q71) and fog-2(q71) worms as well as purified spermatids from fem-3(q20) adult worms. Gametogenesis is thermosensitive in numerous metazoa ranging from worms to man. In C. elegan...
  17. 2001fog4chlr.txt Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-27-2011

    Description: Total Chlorophyll a for Lake FOG 4 during the summer of 2001

  18. GravimetricSoilMoisturePandeAzucar Dryad

    DateIssued: 02-06-2014

    Description: e chosen to be of comparable size and exposure to fog. For more any additional information about the data or the study please contact Dr. Daniel Stanton (stan0477@umn.edu)....

  19. GNPS DTU standards OmicsDI

    ID: MSV000078658

    Date Released:

    Description: Pure fungal metabolites from the DTU metabolite collection (owner Kristian Fog Nielsen)

  20. National Graduates Survey, 2000 [Canada]: Follow Up Dataverse

    Description: after graduation (Follow-up Survey of Graduates--FOG)....

    Person: Statistics Canada. Centre for Education Statistics

    Release Date: 02-29-2012

Displaying 20 of 28 results for "ZFPM1"