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  1. VSIG8_MOUSE UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: Q6P3A4

    Description: V-set and immunoglobulin domain-containing

  2. IV4F8_HUMAN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: A6NJ16

    Description: Putative V-set and immunoglobulin domain-containing

  3. The peptide specificity of the endogenous T follicular helper cell repertoire generated after protein immunization ImmPort

    ID: SDY139

    Description: nse interest in understanding both the generation and effector functions of this lineage, little is known about the epitope specificity of Tfh cells generated during polyclonal responses. To date, studies of peptide-specific Tfh cells have relied on either the transfer of TcR transgenic cells or use of peptide:MHC class II tetramers

  4. Using hair proteomics to distinguish 11 strains of mice MPD

    Data Type: strain

    Size: 11

    ID: MPD:492

    dimension.name: VSIG8, spectral counts

Displaying 4 of 4 results for "VSIG8"