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  1. SSU amicronucleate tree Newick format Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-29-2014

    Description: SSU amicronucleate tree in Newick format

  2. Comparative genomic hybridization of Streptococcus suis strains - part 2 ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MEXP-2533

    Description: Comparative genome hybridization was used to study genomic diversity among S. suis strains in more detail. All strains were hybridized to an oligo-arr...

  3. Saccharomyces cerevisiae cultivar:BY4741 : Dynamics of ribosome scanning and recycling revealed by translation complex profiling BioProject

    ID: PRJNA319867

    Keywords: transcriptome

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: olves binding of the 40S ribosomal small subunit (SSU) and associated initiation factors near the mRNA 5' cap; the SSU then ‘scans’ in the 3' direction until it detects the start codon and is joined by the 60S ribosomal large subunit (LSU) 2-5 to...
  4. Comparative genomic hybridization of Streptococcus suis strains - part 1 ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MEXP-2531

    Description: Comparative genome hybridization was used to study genomic diversity among S. suis strains in more detail. All strains were hybridized to an oligo-arr... SSU 8 x 15K
  5. Pyrosequencing fasta file from free-living bacteria associated with Ridgeia piscesae - A Canadian Healthy Oceans Network Population Connectivity proje... Dryad

    DateIssued: 06-16-2014

    Description: Partial SSU rRNA gene sequences obtained from particulate detritus associated with Ridgeia piscesae in hydrothermal habitats contrasted by ...

  6. nrDNA LSU + SSU Dryad

    DateIssued: 07-22-2015

  7. ogenetic tree based on the nucleotide sequence of SSU rRNA gene showing the evolutionary relationships of the novel bacterial isolates -Tree file... Dryad

    DateIssued: 05-08-2015

    Description: Phylogenetic tree file in NEWICK format (.nwk)

  8. Data from: Molecular phylogeny of rhynchonellide articulate brachiopods (Brachiopoda, Rhynchonellida) Dryad

    DateIssued: 03-28-2013

    Description: based on phylogenetic analyses of small subunit (SSU/18S) and large subunit (LSU/28S) ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequences from a wider-than-token sample of rhynchonellide articulate brachiopods, with data from 11 of ...

  9. microbial mat metagenome : Iron-oxidizing microbial mats metagenomic assembly BioProject

    ID: PRJNA296711

    Keywords: metagenomic assembly

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: obacteria by qPCR. T-RFLP fingerprint analysis of SSU rRNA genes showed these two sites to have overlapping yet distinctly different microbial communities. However, at both sites Zetaproteobacteria were the most abundant bacterial class as estimated by the metagenomic reconstruction of SSU rRNA genes. Functional metagenomic analysis showed RubisCO type II to be highly represented at both sites and most similar to those found in Zetaproteoba...
  10. ld steel in estuarine and marine environments – SSU rRNA gene data from single amplified genomes... BioProject

    ID: PRJEB12879

    Keywords: Other

    Access Type: download

  11. Distribution of representative SSUrRNA sequences in various insect samples Dryad

    DateIssued: 04-11-2016

    Description: Table showing how many times each SSU rRNA representative sequence (rows) is found in each insect sample (columns). Samples were from GenBank, or sequenced with San...

  12. Table_S2_Egge_et_al_2015_jeukmic Dryad

    DateIssued: 03-18-2015

    Description: le containing information about the haptophyte V4 SSU rRNA OTUs recorded in Skagerrak in the period September 2009 – June 2011. First published in Egge ES, Eikrem W, Edvardsen B (201...

  13. SRP076974 Dryad

    DateIssued: 10-07-2016

    Description: region of the eukaryote small subunit rRNA gene (SSU rRNA). Each flowgram file contains sequence information for 24 biological samples which were pooled and indexed prior to sequencing....

  14. Microbial Community Succession on Steel – 454 pyrosequencing : In situ microbial community succession on mild steel in estuarine and marine environm... BioProject

    ID: PRJEB12866

    Keywords: Other

    Access Type: download

    dataset.description: locations: (1) a brackish salt marsh stream and (2) a coastal marine bay. We analyzed DNA extracted from the MIC biofilms for bacterial diversity using high-throughput amplicon sequencing of the SSU rRNA gene....
  15. Data from: Morphological identification and single-cell genomics of marine diplonemids Dryad

    DateIssued: 11-23-2016

    Description: ineages [1]. Though discovered over a decade ago [2 and 3], their potential importance was unrecognized, and our knowledge remains restricted to a single gene amplified from environmental DNA, the 18S rRNA gene (small subunit [SSU]). Here, we use single-cell genomics (SCG) and microscopy to characterize ten marine diplonemids, isolated from...

  16. Table S2. Summary of SSU rRNA genes in genome bins PeerJ

    ID: doi:10.7287/PEERJ.PREPRINTS.2613/SUPP-2

    Release Date: 12-01-2016

    Creators: Jungbluth, Sean P

  17. Tara V9 ciliate data Dryad

    DateIssued: 09-21-2016

    Description: This file contains ciliate sequences (V9 SSU rDNA) from ocean surface waters (SRF) and the deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM) of 47 sampling stations in the world's oceans. The...

  18. Table S2. Summary of SSU rRNA genes in genome bins PeerJ

    ID: doi:10.7287/PEERJ.PREPRINTS.2613V1/SUPP-2

    Release Date: 12-01-2016

    Creators: Jungbluth, Sean P

  19. Protist Ribosomal Reference database (PR2) - SSU rRNA gene database - flat files for mothur Figshare

    ID: doi:10.6084/M9.FIGSHARE.3803709.V7

    Release Date: 01-17-2017

    Description: The Protist Ribosomal Reference database (PR2) provides a unique access to eukaryotic small sub-unit (SSU) ribosomal RNA and DNA sequences, with cur...

  20. Additional file 2: of Origin and higher-level diversification of acariform mites – evidence from nuclear ribosomal genes, extensive taxon samplin... Figshare

    ID: doi:10.6084/M9.FIGSHARE.C.3642182_D4

    Release Date: 12-16-2016

    Description: variable regions follow [91] and [92, 93] for the SSU variable region 4 (V4). Length variation for each RAAs is also given separately. (RAR 211 kb)...

Displaying 20 of 35 results for "SSUH2"