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  1. Differences in the genomic content of Bordetella pertussis strains before and after vaccine introduction in European countries

    ID: E-GEOD-29579

    Description: yzed have lost three major regions of difference (RD3, 5 and 29). However, difference in frequency of the absent RDs 3, 5 or 29 was observed among the four countries. Of the strains with absent RD5, half had also a duplicated region in the genome. All four RDs (RD22, 23, 24 and 26) absent in Tohama I were present in majority of the tested strains. Results obtained from PFGE analysis correlated well with those of CGH. Recently a novel pertussis toxin promoter allele (ptxP3) was described. Strains with ptxP3 have replaced resident ptxP1 strains. When the recent strains (N=22) selected from the four countries were examined, the ptxP3 allele was found in all countries except Poland. Our result indicates that at least three clusters of B. pertussis circulated in Europe in pre-vaccine era and their genomes were distinct from that of the reference strain Tohama I. Although progressive gene loss occurs in B. pertussis population with time, difference in frequenc...

Displaying 1 of 1 results for "RD3"