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  1. POTB2_HUMAN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: H3BUK9

    Description: POTE ankyrin domain family member B2 ANK 1

  2. POTEM_HUMAN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: A6NI47

    Description: Putative POTE ankyrin domain family member M ANK 1

  3. POTEI_HUMAN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: P0CG38

    Description: POTE ankyrin domain family member I ANK 1

  4. POTEJ_HUMAN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: P0CG39

    Description: POTE ankyrin domain family member J ANK 1

  5. Massachusetts Archives Collection. v.221-Revolution Resolves, 1779. SC1/series 45X, Petition of Betty Pote Dataverse

    Description: names from a committee Selected signatures: Betty Pote Actions taken on dates: 1779-04-12,1779-04-13 Legislative action: Received in the House on April 12, 1779 and resolved and granted and sent for concurrence and received in the Council on April 13, 1779 and read and concurred and consented to Total signatures: 1 Legislative action summary: Received, resolved, granted, sent, rece...

    Person: Digital Archive of Massachusetts Anti-Slavery and Anti-Segregation Petitions, Massachusetts Archives, Boston MA

    Release Date: 06-19-2015

  6. POTEC_HUMAN UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: B2RU33

    Description: POTE ankyrin domain family member C ANK 1

  7. PA2H_XENLA UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: P41485

    Description: Phospholipase A2 homolog otoconin-22 N-linked (GlcNAc...) N-linked (GlcNAc...)

    dataset.creators: Pote K.G.
  8. CCDC 1527113: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination CCDC

    ID: doi:10.5517/CCDC.CSD.CC1N82QQ

    Release Date: 01-18-2017

    dataset.creators: Pote, Aditya R.
  9. YPOTE_SERLI UniProt:Swiss-Prot

    ID: A4Q8H2

    Description: UPF0213 protein in potE 3'region GIY-YIG

  10. Access and authentication for multitasking system using 1-wire technology Figshare

    ID: doi:10.6084/M9.FIGSHARE.1100262

    Release Date: 07-11-2014


Displaying 10 of 10 results for "POTED"