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  1. MicroRNA expression profiling of normal and glioblastoma-derived neural stem cells ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MTAB-3865

    Description: MicroRNA analysis of glioblastoma-derived neural stem (GNS) cells performed in parallel with normal neural stem (NS) cell lines

  2. microRNA profiling by array of human megakaryocitic cells at two different developmental stages ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MEXP-3816

    Description: Comparison of panel of miRNA from megakaryocitic cell line at two different stage : Adult and Embryonnic

  3. MicroRNA profiling of tumor and stromal tissue in metastatic colorectal paitents ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MTAB-2479

    Description: Specific MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been found up- or down-regulated in colorectal cancer, and they are associated with prognosis or response to chemothe...

  4. microRNA expression profiling of urine and cancer tissues of patients with bladder cancer, and those from the controls with haematuria ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MTAB-2573

    Description: , Santa Clara, CA, USA) was used to determine the microRNA expression profiles of the samples....

  5. microRNA profiling of primary human keratinocytes and primary human dermal fibroblasts ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MTAB-5055

    Description: In search for factors, overexpression of which in human dermal fibroblasts causes direct conversion to cells similar to keratinocytes, micro RNA expr...

  6. The microRNA-205 is correlated to metastatic potential of 21T series: a breast cancer progression model ArrayExpress

    ID: E-MTAB-5239

    Description: olved in breast cancer progression we conducted a microRNA global expression analysis on a 21T series of cell lines obtained from the same patient during different stages of breast cancer progression. These stages are rep...

  7. Genome-Wide Association Study of Anorexia Nervosa dbGaP

    ID: phs000679.v1.p1

    Description: SACS, TNFRSF19, MIPEP, PCOTH, C1QTNF9B, SPATA13, MIR2276, and C1QTNF9, and an overlapping deletion and a duplication observed in 3 AN samples overlapping the CNTN6 and CNTN4 genes. Partially overlapping ~ 30 kb duplications were seen in 12 AN cases and in 1 control at the CDC5L gene on chromosome 6. Partially overlapping deletion of the 3' half of the PSTPIP1 gene was seen in 5 AN cases and no controls. Finally, a ~ 60 kb deletion of the PLEC1 gene was observed in 5 AN cases and in none of 3532 controls. Discussion: This is the first GWAS of AN. These preliminary results are consistent with absence of a major gene effect in AN. These results are consistent with genetic risk conveyed by multiple common alleles of small effect, as well as some uncommon CNVs of potentially larger effect. None of the implicated genes has a clear role in eating behavior. It must be emphasized that these results are preliminary and an additional ~ 400 AN cases will be analyzed as time and resources permit. These results require confirmation through study of independent populations of AN women....

    Study Types: Case-Control

Displaying 7 of 7 results for "MIR2276"